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"Arabic Spring" would it change something in the world?

It's took a long time before seing the middle east people acting and asking for their rights.
i almost seen every street in the arabic world holding the revolution and asking for a brand new day
but the question is
by the end of the old regimes and "lobbies' are we going to attend the fondation of democtratic systems and the establishment of peace ,security and human and citizen rights ??? or is it just the beginning of a serious security issue in that part of the wolrd??




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    Nov 14 2011: ARAB SPRING or IRISH SPRING: The Arab Spring philosophy is spectacular idea for Society’s to talk, educate, inform, share idea’s, thoughts and debate. Networking with the Internet is underway in the Middle East and the “sky’s the limit“ . There will always be problems unfortunately so, but the benefits of communication is Golden… Its better then green soap.
  • Nov 13 2011: Change is already there people are talking about all valuable things which gives all kinds of freedom to human kind.........Change don't come by switching on button..........Change is long process if go into history it tell us that every change in society took its time, be it Democracy, freedom of speech, voting rights , women rights and abolishing of slavery, everything.........Struggle of Arab people will have its own fruit in future....They have just sown the seed, now it’s time for labour so that the seed grow into plant and plant into tree and then it would bear fruits.........Let’s have patient........There will be fruits but it will take time........French revolution did not bring democracy in one day neither Rome was build in one day so let’s first smell the fragrance of early morning, day has just started.....
  • Nov 13 2011: I agree with you while it is good that the Arab People are trying to get rights and protections every human deserves, but when the dust settles they might not get the rights they so galliantly fought for. Just like in Iraq when we removed Saddam Hussein from power we didn't really help the people as much as we could have. Instead we opened the door to tribal warfare. In the end there is no way to be certain what will happen, but have hope that sense this movement was started by the people that will refuse to allow more dictators to rule now that they have seen their own strength.
  • Nov 13 2011: yeah well i totally agree
    i mean i am very happy that finally the revolution that our parents wanted to be at the 70s is finally acheived in 2011 by their children
    we've been waiting for the change for long time and i think it's time to show to the world that we can work together and colaborate in a very amazing way

    actually i m very optimistic about how tunisia and egypt would be looking like in 10 yeras from now
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    Nov 13 2011: My expectation in that part of the world is peace. I cannot be sure that these revolutions will be enough - you know what you leave, you ignore what you go into. But I guess such revolutions will be necessary to have those people at peace with themselves and their neighbors - including Israel, and other continents.

    I guess it takes to be more at peace with yourself, with other people in your country, thus fell safer, more comfortable and free in your country, before raising tolerance towards other people - which is a prime condition to a more peaceful area.
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    Nov 13 2011: Hi Basma! I live in Canada and the Arab Spring gives me great hope for a better world. If people can make their voices heard and make such fundamental changes with such courage and such dedication, I want and need to believe that the world is starting to be more responsive to those who are good and fundamentally want to improve things. I think the strong evidence of the actions of majority of people in these countries has to cause countries like mine to make adjustments and provision for accomodating to a new way of doing things.
    The Arab Spring makes me proud of what humanity can be when we work together.