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Is what we pursue truly more vital than what we need?

I pursue art as forms of dance and music.
I pursue psychology, anthropology and even astrology.

but I need certain knowledge which will attribute to my survival.

Dreams sounds nice. promising. successful. or at least some what 'enjoyable'
but have you ever thought...
How, on your journey to obtain such dream, that you might bother, annoy and hurt people?
What if your reality is not so promising and has tons of obstacles?
Would you still pursue your dreams?

So... I ask
Is it truly worthy enough to abandon your reality for your dreams?

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    Nov 15 2011: No. Needs come first. Dont function properly without them .Though so often we neglect our basic needs. The artist starves.
  • Nov 13 2011: Pursuit of dreams has the potential to change your life and the lives of other people. Working towards a dream or vision is bringing order, as you see it, to some aspect of the chaos around you. Pursuit of a dream enables people to learn from your dream as they watch your idea for order and use it to build on their own. In a small way your dream, if manifested into actions or products, contributes to society. However, pursuit of dreams is a luxury if they do not contribute to your survival. It is what I will call this pursuit a 'want'.

    Pursuit of needs is primal. You must do what is needed and vital for survival. If that is business, so be it. Pursuit of your needs, and those of your family, is a reality of living in harmony with nature and with other men in a society. Your ability to pursue your needs efficiently determines your ability to pursue your 'wants' . If your 'want' requires time, money, and energy, then you must balance resources allocated to this 'want' with the excess resources available after doing the 'needs' to ensure survival, or life is extinguished.

    People that make good choices in life's career path decisions might find that they are able to do both at the same time, providing for their needs from their pursuit of a dream.

    Happiness during this endeavor is finding a balance that leaves you feeling satisfied through all of life. In that manner, I would offer that you must enjoy the pursuit of a dream enough to sacrifice your excess resources from pursuit of your needs towards achieving it.

    Understanding this balance and finding this balance is not something many people can do in life. However, when you do this, you will realize that you must pursue your needs to enable pursuit of your 'wants'. Many people think to achieve some great dream, all other activities must be sacrificed. This leads to either extinguishing of life or living a parasitic lifestyle through life. I do not think this would be satisfying or lead to happiness.

    Good luck!