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Is the existing education system meeting the 21st century standard?

The technology has improved dramatically in the past decade has education system evolved? Is the existing education delivery system interesting enough? Do all the schools have the best teachers? When entertainment and gadget industries have had dramatic change, why is is our education system still stuck to books and inexperienced teachers in most cases? If the education system is made interesting and an immersing experience, can't the education quality be improved and the dropout rate be decreased? Can't we have a more skilled workforce, if the education included real life problems? How many students know why they learn calculus and trigonometry? Shouldn't our education be application based? What is the best education delivery method? When Social networking and entertainment has reached far, why cant education?

  • Nov 13 2011: Very true, as @Sir Ken Robinson said education has become industrilized. Education is killing creativity and merely mass producing batches of engineers, doctors, financiers, etc. The dropout rate has increased in schools because students are not able to make sense of what and why they are learning. It is always about scores. As Sir Issac Newton quoted “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Schools should focus on creating the right conditions to identify individuals field of interest at a very early stage and keep evaluating the interest at regular intervals. How many people are really haapy in their profession? Many students are forced into professions just because they are not able to indentify what they really want to do and other social stigma.

    How do we address this issue? Where do we start?
  • Nov 13 2011: well i think it's a pretty good question to ask
    for me this question has been more than usual task especially in this last years cau the way we study is far away from what we're living what we wanna be and especially far far away from real life .

    even the subjects that we're supposed to learn by heart to get better marks in tha final test seems like a crap that we're eating to trash out in an exam and then forget about caus in our daily life and even when we get professionnel it's of no use except some 'specific knowlegde'

    so for me i think that education systems in general should be reviewed the sooner possible to match "our 21st century life "
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    Nov 21 2011: If there's anything called the 21st century standard of education, we are certainly not anything close to it. And if you think about it more carefully, entertainment and social networking can also be considered a form of education, perhaps in some ways more practical and enriching than what most kids are currently learning at school.
  • Nov 19 2011: You will never change a culture without first changing the mindset of those who manage and influence it. Learning and education are intrinsically tied to each other and will always be a life long experience whether we choose or choose not to participate.
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    Nov 15 2011: All schools have the best teachers.

    You are expecting 20th century learners to suddenly predict and intercept the paradigm shift. Everybody is a learner because the world is different every day.

    Every government body is struggling to keep up because they are all obsolete under the new aegis of personal, instant, global communication.

    I would say that parents and communities need to take on much more responsibility for educating the youth instead of expecting others to do so and then blaming them when things don't go the way they think it should..
  • Nov 14 2011: Oh yes there are several schools and colleges who do such things , where it is all student motivated. Oldest is montessori . Like you mentioned can we identify a model to identify interests etc. ? people have done for centuries but efficacy is missing. If you are really interested read an article called ANXIETY OF LEARNING he says that most people rather die than learn. when you get to be as old as us you will find that most people are not motivated for long periods to do things. they would be happy mooching off the small percentage who are passionate interested willing to work. Now as a society we have to decide if each person should be productive or happy? If productive then they would have to learn stuff that society wants NOW rather than fulfil their desires. If happy then a lot of societal needs will not be met but each could pursue their dream. BUT WAIT will it make them happy if there aren't enough cooks , enough engineers to satisfy their needs.
    Many schools colleges across the world offer today text info, audio video interactive learning. exams are being done away with ... YES all available.
  • Nov 14 2011: Perhaps the best education is the apprentice model where many issues will get solved at once. Immersion application interest and VALUE To society. The way to start is to convince organizations to hire people and make them apprentices.
    • Nov 14 2011: Apprentice model is a proven method of training, but to become an apprentice you should have the basic education, schooling and a bachelors degree being the minimum requirement. How can the students be motivated to be educated? How can education be made interesting rather than a boring, compellling and an enforced task for a student? Can a model be created to identify the students interest and passion rather than enforcing subjects on them? What is the best way to deliver education to a student to keep the individual interested? Can an education platform be created where a student can choose the method he wishes to consume the information, such as text, audio, audio/video, interactive games ? Can exams be solving scenarios rather than choosing multiple options or writing pages of essays?