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A joint proposal between Ben Kacyra's company doing 3D of everything, to display on the html5 webpages

I think this can make money and better information sharing. Let say for example, you want to tour New York City. Google street view is only going to get you so far. If we could have detailed images or even tours of the real places from our phone, along with subway directions that would be amazing. We would know what to look for before we even get there! The interested partners that I think fist should get involved would be universities because I have yet to look at a good virtual tour of a university and this software coupled with the imaging set could totally reinvent our world. Also, all to often our forests are gone before people get a chance to see the beauty. The companies get there first. Or with gas prices so high, we could image screen our national and provincial or state parks and give people a non invasive way to explore our parks and how beautiful it is. There are also areas where any constant human interaction is impossible, but in the area of conservation people need and want to see what they are protecting. Take for example a protected wild bear's cave, where a mam would raise her young. Or a beach with turtles that laid there eggs.

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    Nov 13 2011: Charles, I think your idea has merit. Why not contact Ben directly with your idea? I personally think it has amazing potential for virtual reality and I would love to play with that!

    Further, wouldn't it be great if individuals and groups could be trained to use the technology on a volunteer basis to map every little detail and interesting place near their home town? We could come up with an entire virutal world for people in old folk homes or who are bed ridden to enjoy! Can you imagine how this virtual world would produce a more green world in our real world by cutting down on emission from actual travel?