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¿how can we improve the relationship between family and school?

Sometimes, in my experience, parents let the school be in charge of the education of their children, forgetting the relevance to stay close to the development of their sons. Or in the other way, the school guilts the family for the difficulties of their students.

Please help me, telling me your own experiences, your different points of view and some strategies to improve the model of education.

  • Nov 13 2011: To me, the most valuble education has been taught through people I trust. I am more likely to follow the advice of my beloved aunt than some stranger. To me, the strength of the relationship will determine the relevance of the education. It seems is easy to bypass a stranger's comment but if the suggestion comes from someone I value, the message feels far more relevant. Familes and schools must build relationships with one another to expect the best results.
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      Nov 13 2011: thanks Nissa, the quality of the relationship is a key to get a succesful teaching process, it helps to develop trust, courage, loyalty, friendship and also the interaction with significant people it´s a way to built the sense of our own experiencies. But, can you explain or help me to describe in your life, how does it happens?
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    Nov 13 2011: The real problems stems from the bureaucracy driving schools and their purpose. Once politicians and ministries are hands-off and the communities have more say in what happens, we'll see real change and great improvement.

    What is happening in many countries around the world is a disgrace. Politicians are using education as a political tool and want schools to go even further down the track of centralised control and statistics-based everything.

    Stand up now and tell your politicians to hand schools over to teachers and parents.
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      Nov 13 2011: It´s true what you propose about political issues but, the distance between family and school not only happens at public education but private, in lower leves like primary often you know the parents but in media and high school you don´t see them. I think it´s important to involve family during the all process, probably in different ways according to the needs and the social development.
  • Nov 12 2011: As long as education remains a political issue we will never understand it's relevance to culture. Education these days is preparing people to prove their worth as potential workers and statistics- not it's value as opening the mind of individuals to respect what is unique about each of us. Our history books are written with an agenda that homogenizes the differences between us- the very thing that once made the the world vibrant. The most valuable education comes from the family anf it's history, but there is no expectation that parents should have a role in the process- when there's is the most important role in the process.

    My parents and grandparents used to tell me stories of my history and my origins. Now we live in a world of entitlements where we expect others to take our responsibilities from us so we have "more time." What is time for if not to serve and be with and teach our children. If there is no time to do this due to work and money- we should do with less. We breed workers, not children, and we expect the schools to be everything our kids need, though we continue to reduce their funding and resources, that is unless we can afford to send them to schools that cost a fortune. In Korea, parents pray for 5 days that their children get into the best schools . . . we in the west are too bust texting each other about Ashton Kucher and the damn Kardasians.

    Education should be free and teachers the highest paid people on the planet instead of the lowest. We should advocate taking education out of the political sphere for the moronic and short-sighted greed that runs our governments could not possibly fathom the responsibility of a proper education for our children, no more than they can fathom running their own lives with ethics and morality. It has always been so. Parents must be the primary educators if we want actual values and the gift of knowledge to be weighted properly for the individual.