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How we can communicate with one another more efficiently?

With technology skipping steps on the stairwell of evolution we find ourselves with more and more advanced cellphones, tablets, and computers. These are built to advance human communication, and they have continued for years to provide us with great ways of talking with one another.

But what if communication got off the stairs and took the elevator instead. Basically saying that we skipped the cellphone and computer and moved on to revolutionary technology. Or perhaps it is not technology and it is some sort of natural device we can talk to each other with.

Your turn.

  • Nov 12 2011: Listen, touch and walk in their shoes for a moment. The basics never change.
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    Nov 12 2011: Sometimes the most efficient way of communicating is the unsaid. I feel as if the way of the future will be a return to the non-technological communication. What I mean by that is being rid of the text message and the e-mails but rather, connecting on a human and personal level. Let me give an example:

    Think of a time when you were with someone you felt extremely close to: a friend, a significant other, a partner, a family member... Think of a time when nothing was said in their presence, your eyes met, and you knew what the other person was thinking and feeling. It may have been a simple thought of "I love you." or "I'm happy right now." While simple, these are things that we as humans can further develop by delving deeper into ourselves and making meaningful connections with others. "Reading People" will be the way of the future.
  • Nov 13 2011: Improve listening skills would help. Thinking about what you are going to say before you say it would help. There are some books on Critical decision making and argumentation theory that talk about more effective communications in a manner that I think is effective. Look more at the evidence being presented in converasations rather than the style of presentation. There are human limits realtive to information received, processing rate, and ability to assimilate what has been communicated. I think training, study and thinking might expand the last of these three.
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    Nov 12 2011: Einstein said things should be made as simple as possible but no simpler. I like that
  • Nov 12 2011: Hi Mr. Sumpter, there is only one way to communicate. Hold on to your britches, it is a new idea!
    It will be trademarked as, human to human. Think of the possibilities!! Humans will have to communicate, with each other , face to face!!?? Please forgive me. With Respect to Your Post! :)
  • Nov 12 2011: Truth.