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Genetically altering - Is it morally wrong or a new way to control evolution?

We alter plants, we can alter animals, and now we can alter ourselves. We can activate our genes, create organs, make ourselves taller, etc. So, is this the new way to control how we evolve or is this morally and ethically wrong and should be banned?


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    Nov 13 2011: To me, it's wrong. I am a Christian and we're not supposed to play God. I'm pretty sure other religions have the same sort of philosophy, along those lines. I believe that in the future, we'll see that modifying foods will harm us just like they have for years, but we're busy with our cell phones, microwaves and other devices that emit radiation in some form (regardless of testing, lobbyists can be VERY persuasive) that mix into the other factors and create a perfect storm for cancer.

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