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Genetically altering - Is it morally wrong or a new way to control evolution?

We alter plants, we can alter animals, and now we can alter ourselves. We can activate our genes, create organs, make ourselves taller, etc. So, is this the new way to control how we evolve or is this morally and ethically wrong and should be banned?


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  • Nov 12 2011: Hi Jake.

    I personally don't see the "either/or" of your question. It could be right/wrong and new/not-so-new at the same time.

    But let me ask you this: is it morally wrong to build a house? Doesn't it matter if I'm using recycled paper or virgin forest wood; if the house blocks the sun of a neighbor or provides shelter for the homeless? In other words, doesn't the morality of any creation depend on the way it is done and what it's results will be? And, when there are competing interests, how would you decide which creates a moral or immoral outcome?

    How is genetic engineering different from building a house?

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