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Are we still currently living in democracies or has they become financial oligarchies?

The 3 pillars of democracy are said to be "legislature, executive and judiciary". Today, it seems that financial organizations rule them. Rating agencies have more power on our governments than our vote.
And these are organizations that people have no control on - you don't elect bank CEOs.

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    Nov 12 2011: As organisations grow they prefer to talk to other organisations rather than individuals. Apply this to the people in the organisations which are supposed to represent us and suddently you find that it's easier to talk to, and influence, an elected member of parliament if you represent a large globabl or national organisation. That's certainly not democraccy.
  • Nov 13 2011: Our financial institutions have always ruled democratic principles and, in fact, created them in the first place. Democracy is about having more than anyone else. Our fallacy of a global consciousness is merely a platitude to hide consumerism. The only reason the US and the west wants to "help|" poor nations to be "better" is to find more markets to exploit and get rich from. The US has even elevated to corporation to the same status as an individual with all the same rights- talk about a world gone totally wrong. When we go into impoverished nations to "help" them we only want them to use more products- not to preserve their cultures or respect their traditions. Democracy is worse than hypocrocy because it is adorned with platitudes that imply it is "god's will" and just, when in fact it is about money and greed. The three pillars are actually: money, power and greed.