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How to improve my English?Iwant to improve my English comprehension and spoken English.Who can give me some advice?

I am a freshmen and I want to study abord.So I must be good at listening、speaking、reading and writing.I need your help!

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    Nov 11 2011: I personally think that when you do decide to study in an English speaking country you must try and develop the social skills to liaise and engage with native speakers. Do not be afraid of all of the stories you may hear of not trusting people and keeping yourself to yourself, be bold and try and make as many diverse friends as you can. I have met many people from (Outside) the UK who having settled can barely speak a word of English, why? Because they were too timid and too nervous to get themselves out there, or they heard stories that if they talk to this person they may get robbed. Many people in the west are now fascinated by China and want to know as much about the country as they can, so you are in an ideal position to be able to talk about your country!
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      Nov 12 2011: I learned much from you.Thank you very much.I will work hard to learn Engllish!
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    Nov 12 2011: hi,my native language isnt english either.For me reading has helped a lot,that way i could expand my vocabulary and learn how to put sentences together properly.In addition to this watching english movies with subtitles is also a great way to improve your english.Other than that you can try chatting with people who speak english:)
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    Nov 12 2011: Ni Hao Mike,

    I live in China and taught English here for a while. I also taught non-English-speaking immigrants when I was in Canada.

    If you want to improve your comprehension, the best thing you can do is listen to and read English. If you are going to do only one, listen. As others have said, movies are a useful tool for this. A lot of people use the TV show "Friends" as a teaching aid.

    If you want to improve your spoken English, there is only one way to do that: Speak English.

    I am learning Chinese, and that is the only way for me to learn to speak Chinese too. It's a little bit hard to do because I don't know many words and it can be embarrassing to make mistakes (people laugh) but that's really the only way: Speak.

    One time, I was saying good bye to some friends and wanted to say "Good bye." Instead, I said "eat food."

    They were very confused.
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      Nov 12 2011: XIE XIE!(Thanks) English and Chinese are both the interesting languages.let's learn!
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    Nov 12 2011: Hi Mike. The way I improved my English while being in my own country (France) was to watch a lot of movies and tv shows in english. At the beginning, I watched them with french subtitles. Then I switched to english subtitles. And now, I can watch my favorite TV shows without subtitles. It's a nice way to improve understanding. For the speaking part, there's no miracle. You have to practice and practice. By travelling, I got to meet a lot of english speaking people and that's when my English got better. Right now, I'm in Vietnam, and one of my friend gives english speaking class. It's 4 girls meeting 3 times a week and having discussion about a different topic each time. I think that's an interesting idea. There might be this kind of meeting happening in Qing Dao too.
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      Nov 12 2011: I am downloading some movies with Chinese and English subtitles and I enjoy seeing the English movies and singing the English songs.Thank you for your help!
  • Nov 12 2011: I've lived in a number of countries where my language was not spoken and I did not speak the local dialect. My solution was to learn ten verbs, the pronouns, a conjunction and carry pen and paper. While my grammatical skill was non-existent I was able to communicate. The pen and pencil, by the way was for nouns.....a simple picture. Learning this way....total immersion with out benefit of formal training works.....grammar, correct sytax, etc comes later. PS......don't forget water and bathroom in those initial words. As for social skills et al....there are offensive things one can do....most guide books will have those stated. Don't do them.
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      Nov 12 2011: Your way of learning language is cool and I will try it.Thanks!
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    Nov 13 2011: Practice