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Ideas vs action and means vs methods. What kind or amount of compulsion is allowed to put great ideas into practice?

To start a revolution, an idea is needed. Its is usually provided by human minds throught debates (like theese) that end in an awesome thinking. But bringing that idea to the real world needs human action in some way and measure. Apart from political movements, very keen on violence, ¿which is the right proportion between thinking and acting to win the goal of taking that idea to practice in real world? Is always necessary some kind of active compulsion against the sistem to achieve that objetive?. And of course, At what point is justified the use of that kind of "violence"?

  • Nov 12 2011: Violence no. Think Ghandi or rather improve on those methods as a generality. Advertise and recruit yes. Sell to your audience. Don't go up against the system (except as a last resort); instead supplant it with better ideas. Violence is never justified if you are trying to change something). On the other hand murder my child and I will murder you. That is an eye for an eye, right and instinctual. People that murder (not people that remove them from the gene pool permanently) are less than human.