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Are search engines reducing our capability to memorize?

1. Now-days no one is trying to memorize information in his memory. For small information also people are seeking help from search engines. He will read it, use it and most probably forget it.
2. If he/she seeks the same information after some days, again he will try to get it from search engines.

What is opinion of you all?


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    Nov 17 2011: The way people think has evolved together with technology. As Kriztian pointed out, there were the same issues when writing was introduced. And it's similar to how "people don't read anymore all they do is watch TV". There's actually a lot of extensive work done by Greg Ulmer about how the way we communicate has evolved throughout the ages, and he essentially addresses everything that is lost but also everything that is gained from this new technology. His book is called "Internet Invention: From Literacy to Electracy"
    He can be very convoluted in the way he expresses himself, probably because he's coming up with so many new words, but he does make some very interesting points!
    Essentially he thinks we have moved from orality to literacy, and now we're in a new stage called electracy, and it is the way we think through the internet.

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