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Why don't universities use their knowledge in practice?

Shouldn't universities be the place where private companies enviously look, amazed at how effective they are at communicating complexities? How well structured they are? How smooth everything seams to flow?

Why isn't the lecture on communication the best communicated one? Or the lecture on pedagogy the one which involves the most?


Feel free to join the debate and share your thoughts.


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  • Nov 13 2011: Because schools are about making more slaves to consumerism, not educational initiatives. These are institutions funded by corporations and the rich- not by the people and their needs. It is not profitable to let knowledge run it's course but the channel it to feed the economy. That is why education should never be allowed to be a political issue but be for the education of the young people.
    • Nov 16 2011: Hey David. Thanks for our input.

      You might be right, but then I'd think that it being a political issue is exactly whats needed. So people can debate these different perspectives in a public forum.
      • Nov 16 2011: "Political" and "debate" are mutually exclusive terms. Politicians get elected by platitudes and then govern to repay those who got them there- which isn't us. Pick any one of the GOP debates this year and tell me any one of those people could govern better than you or I. Napoleon said that to attain political office one needs to display absolute pettiness and to govern properly one needs to display absolute greatness- and the two traits are rarely found in one individual. We're great at the former but lousy at the latter- because truly great individuals want no part of the circus of politics. These people could care less about our children b/c they can afford whatever education they choose, as opposed to the rest of us.

        Perfect example, a serious contender for the GOP nomination can't remember his own proposals (Perry)- because they are not real- they are "tested" to be what people want to hear and taught to him, but he can't speak on his own- like GW Bush, remember where that got us as a nation? Last night he proposed an 18% spending reduction b/c he said it was the average of a GDP history of spending- except that it isn't- 18% is the average tax collection revenue, not the GDP, and it would kill the economy. Yet, it sounded good so everybody clapped like trained seals. The education we need comes from the homes of INTERESTED parents, not elected officials. It's too important to be part of the circus.

        That's just my opinion, and I may be wrong. Peace, Casper.

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