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Should everyone of us fear the moment when he achieves his biggest dream ? How will his life be after achieving the ultimate dream?

For Example, setting your dream to be the CEO of the Biggest IT Company in the Globe... to Reach the moon ... Whatever Impossible dream you dream about.

What if you achieved it ?
How would your life be then?
Desperate ?
Encouraged ?

Actually, I don't know the answer, do you?


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    Nov 22 2011: I have experienced the fear of not being good enough to reach a goal aimed for, never a fear of reaching it. I can't imagine reaching perfection in achievements or personal growth. There is always a "better". Except in my garden. Here perfection is everywhere.
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      Nov 22 2011: OH Hans....I agree with what you say...including...everything is PERFECT in the gardens...IF...we choose to see it that way:>)

      I remember years ago, when I first built the water falls in the gardens...within a few days, moss and algae started growing on the stones in and around the waterfall. One person visited the gardens and commented that the falls looked so beautiful and natural... it looks like it's been there forever! (Which was what I was trying to achieve). Within a short time, the same day, another person visiting the gardens, commented that the water falls would look a lot better if I cleaned off all that "stuff" so she could see more of the stones!!! LOL:>) It is interesting that we are all so different!

      "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes..."
      (Marcel Proust)

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