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Should everyone of us fear the moment when he achieves his biggest dream ? How will his life be after achieving the ultimate dream?

For Example, setting your dream to be the CEO of the Biggest IT Company in the Globe... to Reach the moon ... Whatever Impossible dream you dream about.

What if you achieved it ?
How would your life be then?
Desperate ?
Encouraged ?

Actually, I don't know the answer, do you?


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    Nov 15 2011: Sorry to be the critic but I believe that there is no such thing as a highest dream, and if one achieves their highest dream then their purpose is basically finished. We live in a world that is dynamic and ever changing, not one that is static there will continually be greater, higher, brighter, and better dreams out there because individuals like you, me, and the other TEDsters will continue to innovate and will definitely have ideas that are worth spreading!
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      Nov 16 2011: I would disagree, I think having a BIGGEST dream , and imagining every moment that could please you when we you achieve your dream is the way that specialists help people in their Goal setting, and that's the core of the problem I am thinking about.

      ALSO, Dream's BIggereness is somehow relative, where no one can deny or assure it 100%

      People whom set a goal driven by severe emotions when they have set this goal. They would feel spirirt absence after they reach that dream
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        Nov 16 2011: Ibrahim,
        What do you mean by feeling "spirit absence after they reach that dream?"

        You say that "goal setting" involves "imagining every moment that could please you". I agree with that. You think people may feel that once the goal is reached, the imagining, or drive is then absent? I find that people who are goal oriented with imagination, generally will grow and build on the original goal. I don't think I know of anyone who reached the desired goal and then felt bad afterwards.
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          Nov 16 2011: I meant by "spirit absence after they reach that dream?"

          When You have a dream- your Emotions got tied to it .. that evolves a certain Spirit that lives inside you. That Spirit Controls you, it becomes a CONTROLLING positive power.

          When You get what you want, and in the stage of re-choosing a bigger goal. You will need to create spirit of a New Spirit, which makes the person Mixed up !
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        Nov 17 2011: Dear Ibrahim,
        I think I understand what you are saying now. I agree that sometimes our emotions "get tied to" a dream or goal, and it becomes our identity for awhile? As you say, the spirit may become a controlling power within us. You are saying that once the goal is reached, perhaps it is difficult to choose a new goal, or expand on the original goal, and this causes confusion? I agree that this happens at times.

        In another post on this thread, I write about the gardens mother nature and I created, and I also say that my interest in the gardens has changed recently. The gardens were my passion, obsession, creativity, joy, pleasure for many years. I still love the gardens, and will always love gardens, but my focus seems to be changing, and it IS a little confusing at times. The direction and interests in my life have changed several times, and each time, the direction changed, it has taken me down a path that is connected, and yet seperate from the last path.

        I think the difficulty you speak of is caused by becoming so attached to the goal/experience/dream that it becomes part of our identy, so it may be difficult to change direction and imagine or recognize another opportunity.

        I think/feel that everything I experience, including dreams and goals, offer the opportunity to learn and grow. I do not become attached to the outcome, nor do I identify myself based on the dreams or experiences. So when it is time to change direction, I am grateful for the experience, and I move on to another learning experience. Make any sense?

        With the gardens for example, it is confusing as to why I feel "different" about them, I do not feel my focus in that direction at this time, and I know that there is a transition happening within me. A "new spirit" as you say, is growing in me, and I accept the change and am aware and mindful of where this "new spirit" may take me:>) What you're talking about seems to be attachment/detachment from the dream/goal?

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