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Should everyone of us fear the moment when he achieves his biggest dream ? How will his life be after achieving the ultimate dream?

For Example, setting your dream to be the CEO of the Biggest IT Company in the Globe... to Reach the moon ... Whatever Impossible dream you dream about.

What if you achieved it ?
How would your life be then?
Desperate ?
Encouraged ?

Actually, I don't know the answer, do you?


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    Nov 11 2011: I think the question is somehow closing possibilities. why not gor for "the sky is the limit"? there is never a maximum
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      Nov 11 2011: Even if the Sky is yur Limit, You can reach it one day . I am just trying to think what am I gonna feel when I do so.
      For me, I have BIG BIG dreams that can not ever be satisfied; but , I am wondering about the feeling itself :)
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        Nov 11 2011: If you say and believe your dreams "can not ever be satisfied", that is the reality you create for yourself. Believe in yourself...believe in the life journey and all the possibilities:>)
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        Nov 12 2011: I agree with Colleen. If you reached the sky, go to the universe. When you reach the sky you can be overcomed either with happiness or emptiness, but in both cases you can go ahead forward
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          Nov 12 2011: I agree with you too Eli...move forward...when we reach the sky, go to the universe:>)
          Each phase of our life is a stepping stone to the next phase...in my humble opinion:>)

          The past is gone by, the future is not yet a reality...this moment is the only reality. Why spend your time and energy speculating about what you MAY feel in the future? Sometimes, by trying to project the future, we set ourselves up for disappointment, because of our expectations. If we let go of the expectations and enjoy the process in the moment, the future is unlimited:>) Once we decide that we "know" (or think we know), we stop exploring, and stop being open to possibilities. That is limiting ourselves.

          "Remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination"
          (Roy M. Goodman)
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        Nov 12 2011: Very True. We never know a think about what happens nest, and we never can be sure in 100%. Remember that we can only refute theories, not totally approve them-and the process to reinforce a theory is never ending

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