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Renaissance USA: Nurturing The 21st Century Community Spirit

Innovation is the central issue in prosperity. Focusing on innovation on a community and reigonal hub basis requires a focus on community spirit building. Renaissance USA rather than job creation is a better choice for pursuit of quality of life and also prosperity.

This topic relates to a project that I am working on called "Novadcmweb Life Science" . It's a one day , Saturday, Tech Transfer Event at a local High School and open to the public. The "Success Model" is the "Green Living Expo 2011" that was executed successfully by a worthy non-profit in Arlington, VA called "Green Living Expo 2011" . I served as a volunteer photographer and created a Memory Book for ACE, who was the anchor for this community spirit building event with a focus on "cleaner environment".

Tech Transfer Expo 2012 uses the same protocol as done in Arlington, but applies to a new complimentary topic, ie, "Life Science Innovators". The audience we seek for this includes particularly the life science small tech biz community, over a 1000 such companies that are existing here in our Metro Washigton Hub.. Also we intend to outreach particularly teens+ college student to come to our event with the idea of motiavting such young people to careers of the future linked to "Lifes Science" emerging careers as "Genes to Future Medicne" as well such telecom related careers as IT/Telecom that delivers life scinece to rural cmmunities .

To execute such requires private public partnership and nurtures community spirit as we seek to do via "Tech Transfer Expo 2012" event.

Renaissance is better than job creation focus. Two key goals of renaissance are first, strengthening pursuit of quality of life on a community and regional hub levels, and pursuit of prosperity by strengthening community spirit, and associated individual freedoms, via the twin bridge, arts and science.

I have a brief slide presentation to share also, titled Teach Your Organization to Innovate (5 Golden Rules).

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