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How would it be possible to use fashion design to get involved in helping people, and provide something of meaning to the world?

I studied fashion design. I've been working in a big company for 2 years but this job has made me feel like I've lost my passion and most important, my goals are lost. I remember how much I wanted to get involve in helping others along the way and getting the knowledge through design. I saw I could use my creativity as the foundation of change and be part of some kind of meaningful change. Now I wonder if it was not a good career for me to choose.. Is there something I'm not seeing? Is there a way to turn this thinking around? I'd appreciate your input.

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    Nov 10 2011: I like the idea of" Toms" shoes alot. For every pair purchased another is donated to someone in an impoverished country. This way the money is available to sustain the product without having to depend on donations and everyone wins. :) Also, I saw this really cool thing on spray on clothing(not kidding) it was these little webs of cotton and basically it was applied similiar to spray paint and when dry it creates a fully functional shirt. Maybe not very practical but it was really cool and inexpensive. Just as an afterthought, I dont see why more companies dont do what Toms shoes does
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    Nov 9 2011: Why not design clothing that is warm, easily cleaned and will last a long time for the poor? Or you could design clothing for elderly people with poor mobility.