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How can projects like TED contribute to solving the Arab-Israeli conflict?

The last middle east events, known as the "Arab spring" were gratley connected to the digital world, especially social networks which spread the idea and encouraged people to the streets.
Israel is known to be a technological heaven in the middle east, with start ups second only to the United States. How can new digital innovations, like the ones we watch here at Ted, can bring up to the end of the conflict?


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  • Nov 11 2011: Let us continue. Perhaps other positive people will join us and we will succeed sooner rather than later, allowing more of our precious lifetimes to be spent joyously. On another TED conversation I suggested that all Jewish, Christian and Islamic people use HAJEAL for an experimental 366 days every time they refer to the one GOD they all claim to believe in as a way to raise their awarenesses of the positive desires of this one God for all humanity to live respectfully, lovingly and happily on our beautiful Earth. I wonder if anyone is taking me up on this. I am glad you are as enthusiastic as I am about achieving our shared, positive goals. WE SHALL SUCCEED! WE ARE SUCCEEDING! We will continue doing all the positive things we do. In so doing, we are causing the positive results our good hearts so deeply desire.
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      Nov 11 2011: The idea in great is general. but what about the word HAJEAL? it has very middle eastern roots as you probably recognize. May be something more global., which can actually reach all people ?
      • Nov 12 2011: HAJEAL is based upon the combination of HAshem, JEsus and ALlah. If all Islamic, Christian and Jewish people will use this term for 366 days to refer to the ONE GOD they all claim to believe in, I am confident that we shall have the happy humanity on Earth that we all desire. WHEN this works, I shall be delighted to come up with another term to include Sikhs, Hindus, Taoists and all the rest of the religions on our sweet planet Earth, if necessary. If you wish to come up with another term to include all theists now, that's fine with me. I will cooperate. The term "GOD" fits that criteriion, but it has not worked so far. That's why I suggested limiting it to a 366-day experiment to simply apply to the millions of potentially healthy, happy, peaceful, respectful, loving Jewish, Christian and Islamic people. I am confident that all of our positive words and acts will cause the positive results we desire.
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          Nov 12 2011: The combination sounds good. It can work in the middle east, but what about Europe where the word for Gods comes from latin or german groups? But of course we can try. may be the word :Dioel which combines the latin Dio with the root of El.
          But to something more practical, we need to start. We should both write a paper on it and send it to each other

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