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How can projects like TED contribute to solving the Arab-Israeli conflict?

The last middle east events, known as the "Arab spring" were gratley connected to the digital world, especially social networks which spread the idea and encouraged people to the streets.
Israel is known to be a technological heaven in the middle east, with start ups second only to the United States. How can new digital innovations, like the ones we watch here at Ted, can bring up to the end of the conflict?


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  • Nov 11 2011: Eli, Thank you for expressing appreciation for my ideas out loud....now....while I am still alive. We will have to do it in order to find out what it looks like. Perhaps some generous and wise foundation would like to fund this project. Of course it will have much more powerful religious significance than any existing bible that separates people and attempts to place some people above and some people below others. It will unify the truly holy, positive people of our dear planet Earth so that people can spend all of their energies on positive pursuits making life a healthy, happy experience for all. Let's do it. POWER TO THE POSITIVE! HAPPY TODAY!
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      Nov 11 2011: Rhona i think its a good idea and it should be started now. The bible and the speaking platform can be combined together and so we can tie the religious issue, which is so deep here, to help solving the conflict. What do you think?
      • Nov 11 2011: I think we are both on the right track. Let us continue. We are succeeding right now.

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