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How can projects like TED contribute to solving the Arab-Israeli conflict?

The last middle east events, known as the "Arab spring" were gratley connected to the digital world, especially social networks which spread the idea and encouraged people to the streets.
Israel is known to be a technological heaven in the middle east, with start ups second only to the United States. How can new digital innovations, like the ones we watch here at Ted, can bring up to the end of the conflict?


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  • Nov 10 2011: Why not have children from the West Bank and children from Settlements use video cameras to vlog their days (good stuff and bad stuff) and post it all on a website they all go. And then they have message boards and all that. I agree with J. Turner when he said that the old people are not going to change. I know it's technically possible, but my gut tells me no.
    I don't know. It's an idea.
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      Nov 10 2011: The idea is indeed great. And i believe it won't be blocked. A dialogued over real life videos , and outcomes of the conflict. Something like a "conflict YouTube". Cool, Thank You.

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