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Should Govt. allow religious teaching of their religion and prejudice teaching of other religion?

While reading a local newspaper in Nepal, I came to know that (US Commission Research) in Pakistan from class 1 to 10, curriculum is religious teaching? How good it is to teach religious hatred rather giving a good ground knowledge for 21 century? Should international govt. intervene those teaching? Whose liability it is?

  • Nov 22 2011: Thanks Adriaan and Noel. Yours view were really appreciated.
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    Nov 10 2011: Teach mythology, not religion. Faith should be a personal matter.
  • Nov 10 2011: Yes Michael M, you are right that to teach to hate people, creating prejudice mind is some thing did not digest and international community should create some policy for such act.

    And Eli Vidal, religion should be taught to children not in school but at home as home is first school for all of us and family members our friend where we learn love, commitment and dedication to each other. School is place where we can create environment for future, mutually bonded people for common goal of social, harmony and love, development.
  • Nov 9 2011: The key here is twofold. Forced religious instruction of any sort in schools should be prohibited. However, I am not sure how the international community could effectively look to change a policy of Pakistan. Secondly, the teaching of hatred of people who follow another religious teaching to students is even more appalling.
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    Nov 9 2011: Religious education is a must for every classic education, I think the goverment must insist on religious teaching, but let each religion teach its own.
    The international community can suggest to modify certain educational assesments, but i don't think it can or should intervene here.
  • Nov 9 2011: Is there any objective on government side to teach religion in schools?