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Who should rule the world? Central or local authorities?

Who should rule the world?

In today's globalized world the issue of centralization/decentralization seems to be of great importance. Centralisation brings the benefits of the economy of scale, introduces standards and so on, yet it is against the general order of the world which is rather decentralised, and where everything is in accordance with its nearest

I want to bring up the issue of governance and ask which process works better? Is any of the two universal, i.e. can it work in all three domains: economy, politics and culture?

If we decide on a common economic policy (common currency, tax law and so on) will it affect politics and culture so that everything becomes centralised?

Btw. do not mix up central governance for central planning. Those days are over, I hope :)


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  • Nov 23 2011: We are moving toward the importance of local rule- small, interrelated communities that cooperate with each other but live how they choose based on culture and the uniqueness of their popular make-ups. We are a post-modern world, though we are ruled as if we are some mythical global community. That idea is only relevant in the abstract. The system we have is unable to represent our divergent cultures, and breeds corruption at all levels. I urge you to read "Grassroots of Post-Modernism". I was written in the late 90's but accurately describes the harm caused by trying to make us believe we are all the same. We are losing culture, we are losing community and the responsibility of each of us to our neighbors. We want our representatives to solve all our problems for us, and look at the state of things now! It is a system that benefits the powerful and the rich and seeks to make us whole and content with material things and temporal platitudes that are as thin as paper and as empty as space. Unfortunately it has to crash and burn before it can change at this point.

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