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In 10 words or less, name a living expert from any field & a creative title for a lesson they could guest-teach in a high school/college.

This is a brainstorm, and my hope is that it becomes a resource for all participants.
For the sake of skimming, please stick to the format below and add links whenever possible.
Here are my top five:

1. Bill Gates / The Math of Thwarting Malaria / link

2. Hans Rosling / The Statistics of War / link

3. Rovio Entertainment / The Physics of Angry Birds / Link

4. Regina Spektor / How to write a song / link

5. Urban Dictionary Creators/ The future of Words / www.urbandictionary.com
This is a brainstorm! Those are my top five. What are yours?

Why am I asking this?
Videos allow the voice of an expert to be in a million places at once. These videos don't replace the teacher, but they can be great supplementary tools.


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