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A new way to the moon

it was in 1972 that the last man left the moon to return to the earth, and never came back. Why?
What if we can do it one more time, one more time to show the world that it is possible. The children that where born in 1972 are now 39 and never seen more of the universe then the people that where born before 1972. Whole generations of people still can't imagine we are capable to walk on the moon, because in their lifetime it just didn't happen. Let's show the world we aren't only destructing it, but we are also capable to do unimaginable things!

So my idea is to go the moon once more, not only for prestige purpose, but also to inspire people to imagine the unimaginable.

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    Nov 22 2011: lets no go to the moon. There are so many steps we need to take right here. There's nothing on the moon Niek however i do recommend you read " FEED". In this story we have colonized the moon and all the young ones go there on their summer vacations. Its kind of like a Spanish pub strip.
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    Nov 11 2011: It is all about money now. We wanted to go to the moon to mine and make money but too little water was found to make it reasonable.
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    Nov 10 2011: Never mind "should we". A Chinese CEO is probably getting it ready for him and his kids.
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    Nov 10 2011: Niek I like your thinking but there is not much purpose and a whole lot of money to be spent.
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    Nov 10 2011: It was inspirational then on a level that cannot be reached again simply because then it was the first time and then it was a giant leap that defied so much we feared or didnt understand.

    It could be a sort of inspirational thing again but nowhere near the impact it had then.
    We all know it can be done, almost easily, with all the tech and know-how we have today.

    So going to the Moon, just once, to just get there and go back would actually be the worst thing we can do.
    I would be the first to criticize throwing away all that money, resources and work hours for essentially - nothing.
    A publicity stunt.

    What we need to do is set up a permanent base on the Moon and get more people up there other than Sam Rockwell.
    Recently there has been a confirmation of water ice in craters and water bonded with Moons surface material.
    It has also been confirmed that there is apparent abundance of Titanium on the Moons surface.
    And we already know there is He-3 there.

    It is nice not only not to loose money going there but actually earn some in the process.
    That means that the voyage would pay for itself and turn a profit too.

    Far from it being just a profit operation.
    The moon base would hugely widen our knowledge on building and maintaining a base on other planets or moons.
    It would further boost all our space technologies and present a frame through which we would invent new ones.
    It would help earth economy in the process and it would be something truly inspirational, unlike some singular trip there and back again.

    Its not a time for repeating the same thing, it is time of taking a next small step.
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      Nov 10 2011: This is the reaction where i was waiting for!

      i totally agree that it will be a waste of money if just go back and return again, but that wasn't the real purpose behind my question. My question was " A new way to the moon" ,
      we once went for a race of prestige, but this time we want to go to the moon not only for the prestige, but for the advance of our space program and colonization program.
      And because we land on the moon we can also inspire people who want to take staps beyond earth. So it's once again: "That's one small step for a man..., one giant leap for mankind". And that's worth the money and the time.

      And that is also the question i want to ask to the others, why would we go to the moon, again.
  • Nov 9 2011: Hi Niek,

    Believe me, no one would like to see a person on the moon more than I would. However, I think that we'ed all be better served by a coherent program of exploration, rather than a repeat of the Apollo program.

    You are quite correct in your statement that the lunar missions were hugely inspirational. Look at the effect that the "Earthrise" photo had on the environmental movement.

    Best wishes,
    Doug Bell
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    Nov 9 2011: Very expensive, vey risky, and very little new to be learned. The world will likely enter a severe depression. World economies may very soon experience a death spiral. Landing on the moon is very imaginable without us having to do it again.
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      Nov 9 2011: When nasa launched it's apollo program the world was more in an state of depression then it is now. WW3 was just a stone throw away, and only Russia and America had a stable economy to maintain the market for the rest of the world (because the others where destroyed by WW2)
      And it is still very important to get people to the moon, because it is a step closer for colonization of the moon. An other thing is, we still don't know much about the effects on humans when we land on the moon , because when apollo landed there, there wasn't much research possible because the technology wasn't at hand on that time. this time we will discover more then ever, if we send someone