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How do we capture the collective wisdom and engage the global TEDx communities?

There have been over 1400 TEDx events globally. Each of these TEDx events are nurturing incredible local communities. These communities value education and the power of ideas to change the world. How do we connect these communities and share their collective wisdom?

How do we help these communities take action, both locally and globally?


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  • Mar 7 2011: This past week i watched in amazement as over 250 minds and hearts came together to our TEDxMIA Live Cast viewing party in Miami and realized the power behind the TEDx events whether conferences, viewing parties and gathering is the energy created while like yet diverse minds come together. Our evening of genius sharing ignited not only conversations but the passion and interest for collaboration globally. At our event alone we had TEDxers from Brazil, Paris and NYC attend while on business in Miami.

    Cross collaboration across TEDx efforts both nationally, regionally and globally is a huge opportunity which should be harnessed and sometimes the answer is to just allow the communities to organically connect, build and grow. All movements begin this way and i truly believe this movement will continue to grow.

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