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How do we capture the collective wisdom and engage the global TEDx communities?

There have been over 1400 TEDx events globally. Each of these TEDx events are nurturing incredible local communities. These communities value education and the power of ideas to change the world. How do we connect these communities and share their collective wisdom?

How do we help these communities take action, both locally and globally?


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    Mar 1 2011: Sharing the stories and experiences we have learned from real-time TED and online, streaming TED.

    I think structured categorization as well as folksonomy (people tagging) would help folks to find information relevant to them.

    As far as technology goes -- use them all from face-to-face meetings, salons or 2 way video conferences; printed books, graphic comics, eBooks, PDFs, ASCII text; audio tapes and podcasts, VHS tapes - DVDs- and Streaming Video; and how about 3D rendering of objects mentioned in the TED events.

    Like Mail Art in the past, chain mail letters & email -- use media channels to pass it on. Informally -- to friends, colleagues and family. Formally -- donate to schools, libraries, hospitals, government officials, and prisons.

    Sharing is the key.

    geORge brett

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