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How do we capture the collective wisdom and engage the global TEDx communities?

There have been over 1400 TEDx events globally. Each of these TEDx events are nurturing incredible local communities. These communities value education and the power of ideas to change the world. How do we connect these communities and share their collective wisdom?

How do we help these communities take action, both locally and globally?


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    Feb 17 2011: IBM has a technology that they use ,with incredible results. They are able to create a 3-days brainstorming with maybe 150.000 people from 100 countries. It is called InnovationJam. It is a collaborative platform and I believe they could give it pro bono to TED to start an experiment of planetary creation.

    In term of taking action, I believe action comes from emotion, and emotion and involvement happen when something is close to you. Maybe TEDx should only be a GREAT LISTENER, someone who offers a platfrom to give more energy and visibility to issues which are already there, in the community, so maybe the question is AS TEDX organizers , HOW TO BE A GREAT LISTENER.

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