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How do we capture the collective wisdom and engage the global TEDx communities?

There have been over 1400 TEDx events globally. Each of these TEDx events are nurturing incredible local communities. These communities value education and the power of ideas to change the world. How do we connect these communities and share their collective wisdom?

How do we help these communities take action, both locally and globally?


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    Feb 11 2011: I think we are missing a special platform to share all those achievements that captures some information about tools and initiatives that solve little and big problems.

    I'd love to have such and easy app that we, as TEDx organizers, could fill with information, get keywords and associate them as our own brain do it. Actually there's no way to do this as perfect as our brain do, but we have to start from scratch, old way, excel sheet...

    Maybe a crowdsource idea association or something like that. If we can capture such ideas association, we could expand it to a semantic robot that could do this for us.

    It's challenging to think about it and how to solve.
    Sometime ago I thought about TEDxTalks Youtube channel video description. If we can put all those descriptions in a database, we will have data to start.

    I've captured some time ago 2,000 descriptions from TEDxTalks, but I lost my hard drive and I didn't have backup! (shame on me). This took me hours and hours of work. If each TEDxOrganizer could do from your own event, this could facilitate the job. Can you propose this task to licensees google group? They could come up with ideas to enhance such data analysis.

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