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Is there such a thing as African, Asian, Australian etc. Philosophy? Is Zara Yaquob a philosopher or moral thinker?

The term `African philosophy' might refer to philosophical work carried out by Africans, with the implication that there is an African philosophical tradition characterised by preoccupations with certain methods or subject matter, like Zara Yaquob who seemed to engage in epistemological and Theological debate in 18th Century Ethiopia. So the to question "Is there such a thing as African philosophy, and if so, what is it?" some suggested on its character, seemingly denying partly its existence like Oruka who distinguishes what he calls four trends in African philosophy: ethnophilosophy, philosophic sagacity, nationalistic-ideological philosophy, and professional philosophy. Calling these trends seems to me to beg an important question, for many of the authors here (including Oruka) deny one or more of them the status of philosophy. Having said this, is it possible to label Zara Yaquob treaties as philosophical work (you can see part of his treaties on http://www.danielphilo.blogspot.com/)