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What are the Top 5 things you can teach/share with a 6 year old?

I am interested in what other fathers/mother do with their kids to help them become kind, caring and humble human beings.


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    Nov 25 2011: I am not a parent, but hopefully soon will be. I can only go off what my parents taught me.
    1. Compassion - A little buddhist/christian/human help understanding can go a long way.
    2. Understanding how lucky we are and to be grateful for it. We live in a country where there is poverty but there is still running water and free healthcare. Take your kids to Africa, Eastern Europe, SE Asia or even central Australia and they will see what it is about.
    3. It's okay to make mistakes - mistakes are a natural part of growing up, some even say that mistakes are the only way of coming up with an original thoughts or ideas. Kid need to learn that it is okay to make mistakes .
    4. Respect - Mainly respect for themselves, children now days are being bombarded with what they "should" be. As parents it is our jobs to make them realise they are great as they are. But also respect for the environment, animals, everyone. It goes hand-in-hand with compassion.
    5. Acceptance - Teaching children that everyone is equal and a person sounds like a given, but to many parents and children I meet are either homophobic, elitist or racist. It is paradoxically one of the nice things about working in healthcare, disease doesn't discriminate.
    • Nov 30 2011: You have the making of a great parent Ben. Enjoy!
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        Dec 1 2011: Thank you that is a big relief! At 22 it is hard to imaging what it would be like, but if there is a small something already there maybe when the time comes all will be fine!

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