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What are the Top 5 things you can teach/share with a 6 year old?

I am interested in what other fathers/mother do with their kids to help them become kind, caring and humble human beings.


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  • Nov 19 2011: 1) Dance together like no one is watching -- we need to move and express our creativity and emotions in a healthy manner. There are so few opportunities to do this. -- Thanks Susan for helping us realize this!
    2) Hugs -- The importance of physical contact is often not addressed enough. For a child who spent 20 months in an orphanage, we realize the very important daily need for that human physical interaction and touch. What we do so naturally for infants and preschools we start to not pay as much attention as they get older -- and it is still is really really important when you are six or sixty six.
    3) As a parent make mistakes and admit them. Let your child know it is ok to make mistakes as that is sometimes the best way we learn.
    4) Pursue your passions -- Demonstrate how to live passionately, respectfully doing somethings that you love and support them with their passions and dreams.
    5) Listen fully
    6) Observe nature -- The wind in the tree, the growth of a plant, the size of the moon, anything -- but try to make it part of your day.
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      Nov 22 2011: I really like # 5.
      It is important to listen to what kids have to say. If they learn that their voice and their opinions are getting heard, and taken seriously, they will be less likely to act out for attention. This should help them to grow into an adult that thinks and acts more rationally and reasonably. Also, they should be more likely to listen to the concerns of others.

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