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What are the Top 5 things you can teach/share with a 6 year old?

I am interested in what other fathers/mother do with their kids to help them become kind, caring and humble human beings.


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  • Nov 16 2011: I love this topic!
    My Top 5 things to share with a 6 yr old: (in no particular order)

    1) The golden rule (Show examples every chance you get!)
    2) A sense of wonder about the world (It's important for them to know you don't know everything; learn together!)
    3) The importance of doing your best. (Even if it isn't good enough for someone else, they know they gave it their all and can feel pride. A gentle reminder that NOBODY is perfect comes in handy here.)
    4) Each others' interests. (A well rounded parent fosters a well rounded child.)
    5) All the ways you love them!
    • Nov 16 2011: great thoughts, Sharon... I completely agree with each of them and commend you on the positive nature of your suggestions. some of the other postings focus on mistrust and being 'better' than others while your's is truly encouraging the younger generation to be strong and commit to bettering themselves
      • Nov 16 2011: Thank you for your kind words Geoff. I appreciate that you noticed what my underlying philosophy is; optimism. It doesn't always come easily to me, but where my children are concerned, I try to make it work! My husband just reminded me of another important concept to share, and even though they only asked for 5 things, I think I'd add #6) Apologizing is not a sign of weakness. (If you're wrong, admit it, make it right and move on, but mean it when you say 'I'm sorry'.)

    • Nov 16 2011: What's the golden rule?
      • Nov 16 2011: Do onto others as you would have them to do you.
        • Nov 17 2011: Thanks. Didn't know it was called that.
    • Nov 16 2011: Wow! We have just about the exact same house rules!
      1. #1 House Rule: Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. (Eliminates sibling rivalry and enhances the ability to self assess when I respond to contentious situations with a consistant simple question - Are you treating eachother the way you want to be treated?)
      2. Learning IS fun! When we have time to fill, we do experiments and projects, we go on family ecology trips, and belong to an ecology education group called Earth's Classroom. We try to figure out why kites fly, why birds sing in the morning, and what happens when we mix paint colors with our toes.
      3. We (insert last name)s are hard workers. We (insert last name)s aren't liars ... etc. Also, I may ask for an explanation on why a test comes home with a few wrong answers, but an A test that comes home with a blank answer is definitely met with major disappointment. We (insert last name)s ALWAYS try our best!
      4. We're checking off a major To Do list of everything from learning yo-yo tricks to how to do things even I don't know yet. ...And we READ about everything.
      5. Our favorite game is: "I love you more than a (fill in the blank)! Usually something like, garbage truck, septic tank, 1,000 snakes. Wow, can 6 year old boys come up with some doozies!

      ....Makes for an amazingly wonderful life! : )
      • Nov 17 2011: Melinda, it sounds like you have a heck of a lot of fun! I know we're always laughing at our house...I especially like your #5. I can only imagine how my 7 and 9 yr old boys would finish that sentence! I appreciate that you took a moment to reply to my post. I really enjoy hearing that we've got a similar child rearing philosophy.

    • Nov 16 2011: The golden rule.

      Some of the things that I'd want done on to me, are not things others want done onto them. And vice versa. i never liked the golden rule for that reason. It makes people think that everyone else is like them. People are unique.
      • Nov 16 2011: Ah, but I want others to recognize the uniqueness in me, try to see my needs and fulfill them as best they can ... so that is how I try to treat others. : ) ....Once the six-year-old starts maturing into a 16 year old and then a 26 year old, there are so many more nuances that come along with it.
      • Nov 17 2011: James, I see what you're saying, but as Melinda mentioned, that is a bit too abstract for a 6 yr old. Personally, I would like to think that the other things I'm teaching my boys will help them realize that everyone is different and unique in their own way, but that what we have in common outweighs what separates us. Thank you for chiming in. I'm really enjoying this discussion!
      • Dec 4 2011: I think the gyst of the golden rule is to treat others kindly. So if you're a masochist and the golden rule shouldn't apply, then just go with "Treat others Kindly."

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