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What are the Top 5 things you can teach/share with a 6 year old?

I am interested in what other fathers/mother do with their kids to help them become kind, caring and humble human beings.


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    Nov 16 2011: I am a parent of 3, and I was a PE teacher for 6 to 14. If I remember correctly, 6 is a difficult age social wise. The need to be cool becomes more insistent with the new level of kids the child is in contact with.

    As and adult, I felt is was my job to prepare the child for what was coming as well as helping them through what was happening.

    So, for a 6 year old, knowing that they were most likely facing 'bullying', whether as one or a victim, or both, I would be speaking with them about how to deal with it, mostly by not taking it personally, rather than be a victim, and trying to make connections between when they were, and how they felt about, and when they were victims and when they where just witnesses.

    6 year olds are very justice oriented, so we had a "talking stick", and when things got really bad, we would hold court. In this, I found they learned to listen and discovered how good it felt to be listened to. We would create rules .... and then try to act accordingly. And sometimes we would find those rules didn't work, so we would change the rules.

    Good faith - This became a key point with us, as many times, in playing the fights would occur because one person accidentally hurt another, and this would start a fight. So before we started a game, I would remind them of good faith.

    Self control/awareness/Responsibility - In learning to know themselves they gain compassion for others, and learned to do things because they wanted to not because it was cool. Even if we are manipulated into it, how we respond it is up to us ..... this is empowering.

    Patience - All mentioned things above are only learned through patience. Our life is here to be lived, felt, thought out, moved through and experienced. The practice of patience, allows us the freedom, internally, to live.

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