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What are the Top 5 things you can teach/share with a 6 year old?

I am interested in what other fathers/mother do with their kids to help them become kind, caring and humble human beings.


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    Nov 11 2011: 1. Mind-stretching; asking questions like: "If everything could fly, what would birds do?", or "If everyone suddenly started getting up really late in the mornings and take ages to get to school and work, what would the squirrels think?
    2. Focusing on the good and feasible; "What's the best thing that happened today?", "How can YOU contribute to change?"
    3. Seven tests for ethics, as formulated by Stephen S. J. Hall for IIQEST.
    4. You're important! You are the only person EVER that is you, and can do exactly what you can do. Nobody can replace you, nobody means the same to the people around you.
    5. Responsibility for your own actions; "Yes, I made a mistake. I now know better, and this means..."
    • Nov 12 2011: Hi Eirin.

      The name Stephen Hall didn't ring a bell. But when I looked him up, I remember seeing these tests before. Thanks for sharing. They really should be part of every child's education.

      For those who haven't seen them (or like me, had forgotten Hall's contribution) here they are:

      "Seven Tests for Ethics" (Stephen Hall. IIQUEST, 1995)
      1. Is it legal?
      2. Does it hurt anyone?
      3. Is it fair?
      4. Am I being honest?
      5. Can I live with myself?
      6. Would I publicize my decision?
      7. What if everyone did it?

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