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What are people's thoughts on euthanasia?

People are generally for or againt euthanasia, and I'd like to know what people think. I, myself, am torn between pros and cons when seeing how people react so differently when the event actually occurs - when a decision has to be made. What are your thoughts on it, one way or another?


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  • Nov 13 2011: Hi Estrella, this is a good debate! How are you torn between pros and cons? Humans are human, we will react differently to this topic. How are you torn, what are thoughts, opinions? With respect to an excellent debate!!!
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      Nov 15 2011: i am torn because as a christian myself, i grew up thinking that only God can take life and give life, but when i came across this topic i found myself doubting what i previously thought because to think that there might be someone out there suffering, without any chances of survival and no medicine to alleviate the pain, how is it human for us to just let them suffer instead of giving them the choice of a painless death, on the other hand, what if they did have the choice, but people began abusing it, and wanting euthanasia only because they grow tired of life, regardless of the fact that they may or may not be ill? also, i cant help but think about how a life is always valuable so in taking it, we are in some ways doing somehting immoral, but at the same time, forcing someone to continue fighting an unstoppable disease is also immoral when all they want is peace through death. i hope i'm makign sense, which i most likely am not
      • Nov 16 2011: Nope you are making perfect sense, Estrella! Now I see why you are so torn. It would be abused, if it became legal. I am sure of it, as much as I am sure, I am a human. However, if one of my loved ones, were to become sick and no chance of survival. IF they asked me, I would probably help them. Some say it makes me a bad human. I say , it makes me a compassionate one. (see, I have been thru this question before) You need to follow your heart and what you truly believe. Do not let, no one, stop you!! With Respect! :)
      • Nov 16 2011: Oops Estrella, I am breaking all debate rules here! Apologies! (i bad) :)
      • Nov 16 2011: Do not lose it! Cyber hug!
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      Nov 16 2011: I have been very involved in issues of palliative care, hospice, dignity and control at end of life for many years

      Many people face an excruciating end of life that cannot be addressed with palliative care short of an opiate induced "coma" ( morphine etc. puts you right out of the picture and dsstroys being present in awake moments..I tell you that from my own experience)

      Organs failing is an undignified and messy business, for the patient, and also , as most patients in this circumstance are aware, for their family and for their caregivers .The skin is an organ..as organs fail ugly painful sores develop ( at the very end of life).

      For so many, the privelege of choosing when and how to die in full consciousness, in the presence of friends an d family, awake and able to speak, to have the spiritual closure dying requires of each of us is the most compassionate and beautiful tribute society can pay to the bravely dying, to the gravely suffering.

      What right do we have to deny that?

      Why should the dying be in a position of having to ask care givers family and friends to comit an illegal act.to help them fulfill their wish to die with dignity?
      .How can such a compassionate act be illegal?
      Don't we all have a right to die with dignity?
      To die on our own terms?

      Physicians Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment ( POLST) could easily specify a patients elective for a pain free lethal medication in the event of the patient not being able to speak for themselves or ask for that. A POLST removes a lot of the uncertaiinity and debate about misuse because it is initiated by the patient anticipating death while they are still able to express their wishes. Usually a POLST is exceuted when a patients life expecatncy is less than 12 months but that could become unexpecetdly a reality for any of us through accidents,

      The more time I spend at the bed sides of the dying, the more I think the only immorality is not having this option of self directed/self requested euthanisia.
      • Nov 17 2011: Hi Lindsay, excellent and sad comment! You hit it on the nail!
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          Nov 17 2011: Thank you Tishe..seems almost everyone has a strong opinion on Euthanisia and few actually have witnessed the circumstances under which a person would ask for Euthanasia.

          I felt it important to share a bit of what those cricumstances are. So that someone could imagine, grahically, themselves or a loved one in those circumstances before opposing euthanasia.

          By the way, hospice needs volunteers all over the country.

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