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What are people's thoughts on euthanasia?

People are generally for or againt euthanasia, and I'd like to know what people think. I, myself, am torn between pros and cons when seeing how people react so differently when the event actually occurs - when a decision has to be made. What are your thoughts on it, one way or another?


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    Nov 9 2011: Euthenasia asks the question about what is the value of any individual life. If a person wants to die and can make a clear rational decision about it not fogged by drugs, depression, or pressure then they can choose to dismiss their spirits. First I would think that counseling and a review of all the good they have done in life would be a important. As pet owner and a horse man I have had to put animals down to eliminate their suffering. It was not easy but it needed to be done. I do not know if I could make that decision for another person.
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      Nov 12 2011: i also do not think i could ever decide for someone else. and i understand how with your animals, sometimes it's necessary and it makes it seem worse if you were just to allow them to continue suffering right? i know what you mean, i think the counseling and review af all the good things they have done is actually a good idea. sometimes people choose to give up or want euthanasia solely because they cannot focus on anything other than the negativity of what they are going through, but perhaps if they were to see some of the good things they had done in their lives, they would change their minds.

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