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What are people's thoughts on euthanasia?

People are generally for or againt euthanasia, and I'd like to know what people think. I, myself, am torn between pros and cons when seeing how people react so differently when the event actually occurs - when a decision has to be made. What are your thoughts on it, one way or another?


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    Nov 9 2011: I am utterly torn about this issue. I worry that it will be abused. I worry that elderly or ill people will be pressured into ending their lives by people who make them feel guilty about the cost of care in their final days. I worry that depressed or unloved people will give up. I worry about people who have no advocate.

    The reason I am torn though is that I see both sides. My brother-in-law was a brilliant accountant who had an early onset Alzheimers and died by 46. He died of a pneumonia that could have been cured but cured to what purpose? He was being diapered and fed by his loving wife long after he had gone through losing his business due to malpractice law suits because no one recognized what was happening to him. We did not understand his violent outbursts and neglect of his business.

    More recently, my aunt, a woman on dialysis, was diagnosed with brain cancer. She chose to turn off her dialysis before the cancer robbed her of her identity. She said goodbye to everyone, and she left me a legacy of advice I will never forget. She died on her own terms in peace and leaving all who loved her with a peaceful sense that she died as she had lived- with dignity and choice.
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      Nov 12 2011: Likewise, in some ways i think it will have a positive outcome, because some people who are terminally ill, are not capable of handling the pain. i think allowing them to die painlessly before the illness leaves them in a worse state is actually helping them.However, i also do believe there is a chance that it will be abused. i read somewhere that legalizing euthanasia would make the patients feel it is their DUTY to take that route rather than face the illness because of the heartache and "burden" it would place on their families. With that in mind, i would hate for someone to end their lives because they feel they HAVE to. I guess no matter what, everything always has a risk.

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