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What are people's thoughts on euthanasia?

People are generally for or againt euthanasia, and I'd like to know what people think. I, myself, am torn between pros and cons when seeing how people react so differently when the event actually occurs - when a decision has to be made. What are your thoughts on it, one way or another?


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    Nov 9 2011: In Belgium, we have laws that allow for euthanasia. They are good and help people who wish to end their suffering (letting them die).

    In broader terms, the dilemma is: to which extent can a person decide to commit suicide (not in practical terms, but from a moral point of view). To me, this is up to the person, so in principle suicide is a right.
    However: suicide during depression or as reckless act are not the cases I'm pleading for.
    A person who wishes to end his life needs to be capable of making the decision ("my life is not worth living -anymore-") under well thought out circumstances and needs to eliminate (fulfill) his/her responsibilities before doing so. (A parent of very young children should consider the education of their kids as an important responsibility for example).

    So for euthanasia: the conditions under which it is allowed are congruent with my proposed criteria. The person is often completely dependent on others (for care), chances of recovery are very small and the pain has been indicated as continuous and intolerable; or their mental state is going to the vegetative kind. Life as such can be judged by the person as "not worth living". If doctors and family understand (and somewhat agree), we can have a very humane form of euthanasia.
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      Nov 9 2011: I agree 100%

      I'm drinking the kool-aid.
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        Nov 9 2011: I don't mean to make light of the subject for I have thought much about it myself, but I thought this story was humorous:

        One man came up with standing on a mountain top holding an iron bar up to the sky in a lightening storm. Then he said, "With my luck, it would just blow off the little hair I have left."
    • Nov 17 2011: Right On!

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