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Name the most informed/intelligent/inspiring individual living today. What is his/her expertise?

Do you know someone who is cutting edge in his/her field? How can we find him/her? Please provide information (i.e., website links, videos, etc.).

Example (fictional): Gerry Smith is an expert in the field of athletics (especially soccer). He has successfully played on several professional teams. He developed a new way of passing the soccer ball.


The more information you give, the better!


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    Nov 8 2011: Me. Humility. Cosmology, Empathy, Energy Efficiency Solutions, Loving-Kindness, Electrical Engineering, Making peace between fire and ice, Infrared Thermal Imaging, Mediation, US Constitutional Law, DSM-IV-TR, the History of Mankind, Alligators, Inventing, Commodities-Stocks-Bonds, Infrared Thermal Imaging, Middle-East Politics, PdM, Nature Photography, Calabi-Yau Manifolds, Program Trading, Power Quality Assurance and NFPA B compliance, Derivatives, HVAC/R engineering, Animal Rescue, Sous-Vide Cooking, Mentally ill Homeless Addicts, CMMS, Power Management, Intentional Communities, Graphical Technical Writing, bringing humans with similiar interests together, Intuitive Design, Harnessing the power found in minature black holes, Espumas, Quantum Chromo-Electrodynamics, Game Theory, Bayesean probability, Perturbation Theory, Desktop Publising, Hamitonian dynamics, Transcendental numbers, M-D-P Brane Theory, Hugh Everett-Max Tegmark-Hartle-Witten-John Bell, Witgenstien-Bertrand Russll-Ferge-Godel-Turing-Chaiten, Fuzzy Logic and Neural Computing, Emergent Properties, Hamlet's cat (To Be or Not To Be, that is the question), AI, Baking bread, Rocketry, Toddy Coffee, Mercury fulminate, Big-Bang/Big-Crunch/black hole/white hole/worm hole/white fountain/white rabbit theory, Interactive DVD education, Anthropic Principle, the Doomsday Argument, Occam's Razor, Barbers who don't shave themselves, bay gulls/tori/locks/rockettes, Maser holograms, fractals, stochastics, Bollinger Bands, The Princeton String Quartet, RCM, solar collectors vs solar panels, Cool Roof Technology . . . The universe is a heat-pump.
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      Nov 9 2011: that is impressive!!
    • Nov 9 2011: Brother Michael Wolok : That*s Why We Are Here On Earth ..... Parallel Universes .... The PHYSICAL ....The SPIRITUAL .... Instantly Fighting ONE Another .... In Our BODIES ....As IN The COSMOS ..... K ( NOW ) ....??? .... Intelligent Design = GOD / Or BIG BANG ....Free Will To Choose ...NO ...??? ....To LOVE One Another .... Or HATE ..... E = MC^2 = BOTH ....EXCELLANT Credentials BRO .... LOVE YOU ....!!! ..... CuddleFish......Connect The ....... * S *.... The Universe Is GOD*S Infinite CREATION ....That IS EVOLVING ....LOVE YOU ALL ... HATE Is TAUGHT And LEARNED ...... My NECK HURTS .... BRAIN Is HEAVY ....... A Closed MIND Is A TERRIBLE Thing To WASTE .....Astrophysics ..... To INFINITY ..... STEVE JOBS ..... Took Us To WORLDS That We Never KNEW .... I Follow His FOOTSTEPS ... Create ... And Motivate ...cuddlefish - Quick Change Artist .... A Brother ... Of Octopu$....
    • Nov 9 2011: I your case the Shakespeare phrase is ''To bee or Wannabee''..(it's a joke, like intelligence itself is)

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