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How can we evolve past the concept of stigma laden food banks and move towards a world where no one goes hungry?

Food Banks were set up as a stop gap measure to meet the immediate need that people are hungry and don't have enough to eat - they provide 3 days worth of food, which users stretch to last a week. Food Banks are getting bigger, getting more donations, raising more money, but not stopping people from being hungry in a sustainable way. What can we do as a society?

  • Nov 13 2011: In Mexico there is a word: "Comida" which has no literal English translation. It is the concept that part of being a human is to share and be generous to neighbors- everyday, as a focus or life. We are a world in which we want life to enter our world without taking a step outside to meet people. Part of being human is to understand that we are not alone and that what we have is for all, for we are nothing without community. Part of our "global" consciousness is that everyone wants and needs the same things- but that means we all want to be profitable. It is not possible for a handful of companies to feed the world- and that is why it is painted as a crisis. If we all had an awareness of where we actually are and who is around us we would by our natures not allow hunger to exist. We assume reliance on someone else to do the heavy lifting is an entitlement but that has always been a fallacy. The more we isolate ourselves the more we will be befuddled by the plight of others- but the vast majority of us are one or two paychecks from joining them on the street. Instead of wondering, we should simply help each other- ourselves- with no media or government support. Then when they rally in the streets we will see why we have to be with them. Further, we will demand no less from our governments.
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      Nov 15 2011: Thanks for your insight - I think you are onto something - we need to share in everything - because the stuggle is not mine or yours alone, but all of ours together...
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    Nov 10 2011: Communal gardens/diversified farms.