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Abolishing the use of the term Atheism.

We all know that the term "atheist" means without god. However, as an atheist I often find it annoying when people talk about it as a belief system. Lack of belief does not constitute belief in anything else. No one would call me an a-paleontologist simply because I'm not one. Simultaneous to being an atheist I may be a rational empiricist or follow some other set of beliefs. I believe that we should stop using convenient designators such as atheism when we "classify" ourselves to others or are classified by them, because there is simply nothing behind it.



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    Nov 14 2011: My dear, Frank Segro, I do understand that you found the term Atheist is not acceptable...
    I ask back to you then: what do you want to be called? :-)
    You should suggest yourself a more acceptable term, right?
    I know you would not stay quite when you are asked what's the belief, despite belief system.

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