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Abolishing the use of the term Atheism.

We all know that the term "atheist" means without god. However, as an atheist I often find it annoying when people talk about it as a belief system. Lack of belief does not constitute belief in anything else. No one would call me an a-paleontologist simply because I'm not one. Simultaneous to being an atheist I may be a rational empiricist or follow some other set of beliefs. I believe that we should stop using convenient designators such as atheism when we "classify" ourselves to others or are classified by them, because there is simply nothing behind it.



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    Nov 10 2011: I think Atheist, as one of the largest groups in America, should be represented in government. However, the word has kind of a bad rap, but I think it's important to keep proper numbers on this demographic so it is represented fairly
    • Nov 10 2011: Eh. I don't know how I feel about that. A) Atheists should be represented by the ENTIRE government as it is. Government is supposed to be secular and completely devoid of religion anyway. Of course, it isn't though.
      B) I dislike anything that makes atheists seem united, really. I support talks and groups among atheists, but not so much "Atheist chaplains" or atheist representatives in government. It creates the same problem the word "Atheism" does, which is making "Atheists" seem like they share more than anything but a lack of belief, which isn't the case.
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        Nov 10 2011: point taken, I think my view point comes more as votes or voices to help ofset the christian coalition/Tea partys' agenda.I don't favor one over the other, to the contrary, I think they both have values and ideas I can agree with. I hope for more balance and a strive towards a true Democracy

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