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Would a world tax to help poor countries help them develop or would it turn them into dependent welfare recipients? Are people willing?

Bill Gates and Barack Obama have been at the summit and Gates has told the news media that he supports a world tax on all "rich" nations to help the developing nations. My thoughts are that countries have been pouring money into these developing nations for decades and all seem to have gotten so far is demogog dictators, homes for terrorists, and rising discontent among the people who feel that bigger nations are trying to control them. Maybe it is time for all rich nations to stop trying to help with money and freebies and give the developing nations a hand with micro economic training etc. These seem to be the ones that have the street level impact. What do you in the international community think? Are you willing to pay more for things you need so countries can send the money over seas with no hope or guarantee of change from what we have gotten in the past? Are you for a world tax? Is it even enforceable?


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  • Nov 7 2011: James , Hi , No To A World Tax ; Here*s Why ... America Sends Lots Of Cash , Food , Medicines , Etc. To Poor 3 rd World Countries ... !!! Our Taxes Here Are LESS Than Other Countries !!! Innovation Is Needed To Boost Our Economy ... Then The Banking System Would Not Be Fearfull Of Lending Money To Small Businesses , Consumers .... Thus More Cashola To Flow To Us Here In The U.S. And To Poor Countries !!! Feed A Person Of Poverty ... They Will Be HUNGRY Tommorow ; But TEACH Them To Farm , Fish , Reap The Minerals And Commodities Of Their Land - To Work For Themselves , They Will Help Their Countries Prosper , And Be A Positive To Society ...!!! And With Approx. 9 - 10 Percent Unemployment Here In The States ... Hope And JOBS Are Needed .... !!! ...Plus Bill Gates Has Done Alot Through His And His Wifes Foundation , He Is A Motivator To Do Good To Humanity ; Like I Am , .... Peace To You And Your Loved Ones .... Bye .... I Really Love This IDEA Of TED .... Studying Stephen Hawkings Brought Me Here ... Cool ..!!! ...Never Give Up !!!

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