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Do you believe that the truth will set you free? (Even if telling the truth may hurt another person(s)?

I'm curious to know what people think about telling the truth at all times...I think we are all guilty to some extent of telling 'harmless lies' about whether you like someone's cooking, hairdo or boyfriend. Or even the simple question, "how are you today? responding with "I'm good!" when in reality you feel sad, lonely or frustrated. But that's not the answer the grocery clerk is really looking for is it? So does the truth set you free or does it make life more complicated? All thoughts, insights and experiences are greatly appreciated and respected. Thank you!


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    Nov 7 2011: I think the real question is: How should I act or answer so that I am liked? Most of us want to be liked. To achieve this we don't give the honest long answer. We simply say, "I'm good." or "I love your cooking." Then we get on to the next question which is "What do you do?" The best answer I have come up with for that is: I can do anything but the impossible will take me a little longer." LOL

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