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Will budget cuts to public education in the arts have a serious effect on future socitey?

I am a firm believer that creativity and art/music education are as beneficial to the intellectual development of younger generations as is science and mathematics. I was curious to hear from other TED members about whether they agree with this or not.

  • Nov 13 2011: Education must no longer be a political issue subject to the greed and avarice of politicians. It should be a moral obligation and the most expensive part of any government budget. Education these days is preparing people to prove their worth as potential workers and statistics- not it's value as opening the mind of individuals to respect what is unique about each of us. Our history books are written with an agenda that homogenizes the differences between us- the very thing that once made the the world vibrant. The most valuable education comes from the family and it's history, but there is no expectation that parents should have a role in the process- when there's is the most important role in the process. We must stop feeling entitled to someone else taking the heavy lifting.
  • Nov 7 2011: I am going to go back a few years with my answer: A long time ago, someone took note of a rolling stone & to make this story very short, the wheel came into being. That is creativity in its finest & simplest form. Through the years art & music has told our stories & even helped us to put down our ideas on paper for others to copy.
    When you remove such a vital component of education, the loss will have far reaching effects.
    A simple origami design is made up of math & science, not to mention the creativity of the person doing the design.
    So yes! I agree with you.