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save greece, italy and US

Greece is finish, Italy on row.US started Occupy wall street protest..This list is not limited to nyl these three countries but has crossed 100 mark...As an Indian citizen, I am quite fortunate that these protest has not touched our country but at the same time there are a lot of problems that has worsened indian situation...well I do not want to conentrate on concern is, as everyone says, can entrepreneur avert this situation any more or resurrect, should say ail, these countries to regain there history???

  • Nov 7 2011: Turn 50% of power in all realms over to women! Let every nation have one male and one female as co-presidents. Stop brainwashing children in the ideas and beliefs that have proven to be failures in creating a positive life for human beings.
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      Nov 7 2011: Dear Rhona, I am also feminist but unfortunately our country have not very good experience with the same solution as you suggested.....can you tell me how entrepreneurs avert this crisis situation in this world??
      • Nov 8 2011: Ankur, I do not know what you are referring to. Do you mean that your country (what country?) has one male and one female as co-presidents? Do you mean that your country has ceased brainwashing children in the ideas and beliefs that have been proven to fail at causing human happiness and well-being? Please clarify. I want to know what positive steps your country has taken to acknowledge the equality of men and women, to assure that women and men have equal power over decisions affecting its citizens and/or to stop brainwashing children in beliefs and ideas that have proven to fail to cause humans to thrive and enjoy life.
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          Nov 8 2011: My country India, has a lot of rules and regulations and National authorities, mostly governed by either feminist or female. Besides that we are seeing a social scenario change where girls are equally participating in everything..though it is limited to sub urban areas only...we had PM Indira Gandhi, currently We have President a female, Mrs Pratibha Patil, we have Pepsico CEO indira Noi, ICICI Bank which is the larget private bank in India Chanda Kochar and a lot others on govt as well as private sector we have done and we are doing a lot to improve this situation in our country because we also believe in equal participation from females....and about brainwashing of children in the ideas...we have not even started to encourage them to think on their own...but scenario is changing in our country and soon we will have a lot of newly generated ideas from our country....
  • Nov 8 2011: Ankur, I am talking about ONE MAN and ONE WOMAN working together as EQUALS. (not one woman OR one man). It is progress, though, that your country is wise enough to use its female resources to assist the country. India has made great progress in every way, since it started placing women in positions of power. Still, I am interested in EQUAL POWER between men and women in all institutions. Their cooperation and complementary perspectives might radically improve life for everyone.
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    Nov 8 2011: There is no 'reply" button in your previous comment. So I am posting the reply here.
    It is not pessimism for sake of it. It is a caution to evaluate ourselves, our direction. Rich people should pay more tax and share more responsibility in this time of crisis as they contributed the most to lead us where we are today. They cannot (rather should not be allowed to) make profit private while "socialize" losses and penalize other more in times of crisis.
    It has been shown repeatedly that tax benefit to those rich entrepreneurs/industrialists do NOT create any extra job or benefit the country. Despite of their lower (personal) income tax (% wise of total income), that group of people also show higher tendencies to use loopholes of tax laws and evade taxes than common people.
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    Nov 7 2011: "Entrepreneurs can never save a country, rather they have no desire or motive to save a country (as a businessman). They will migrate or relocate their business operations to a more suitable destination, leaving the general population to fend for themselves. " This is an ongoing issue in the state of California. The legislature is running businesses out on an hourly basis with regulations, rules, fines, and permits. No one wants to start a business here. Entrepreneurs leave hourly to find places were business is wanted. Only the people of the country can save it. Not politicians, not the UN, not business men, just the everyday people that live from day to day. Not in stupid demonstrations like the occupy fools that the Obama administration and the unions are trying to turn into pits of violence, but in working with our neighbors, and each other and things like TED sharing ideas and doing things quietly will save any country. Everyone has to pitch in. No one can live off of welfare, and government checks and help the country. This is just one persons opinion. See my discussion on world tax.
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    Nov 7 2011: There is practically no corporate governance in India, and that's why you do not feel any "decline". In reality, what is going on in many Western countries are a routine, regular affair in Indian economy.
    For consumption and luxury items India is just a basket case, without much ability to cater its own need. And for growth India and China used to look towards Western markets without developing its own market, without introducing the basic institutional reforms (efficient judiciary, civil governance, transparency etc) to make "liberalized" free-market to work for its people. Once Western economies start looking towards Indian or Chinese markets for growth and employment, the situation will be more unstable, may be even violent.
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      Nov 7 2011: Yeah i pretty agree with you...but my question is that how can Entrepreneurs save these countries?? When these US dark days, euro dark zone was in in its intial phase, i read articles like that people like steve jobs and bill gates and entrepreneurs can save this country...and lot of people say that crisis is the best time for entrepreneur to emerge....i also agree with them..btu can you give some idea how can they save your country (visited your profile and you are from US)
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        Nov 7 2011: Entrepreneurs can never save a country, rather they have no desire or motive to save a country (as a businessman). They will migrate or relocate their business operations to a more suitable destination, leaving the general population to fend for themselves.
        I agree that such financial crisis is one of the best opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs in a way that more such (potential) candidates will be losing jobs and forced to do something on their own. But at the same time, it is not a great time to get capital and other necessary mentoring (support from other associated or similar entrepreneurs).
        So far US is concerned, public distrust (towards big corporations) and pessimism (about politics and policy making) is setting in among people. Even seasoned journalists, reputed commentators and successful policy makers are more pessimistic than ever about America's future. For detail one can check this recent Charlie Rose interview ( The recent "occupy wall street" is just another indication.
        I think intelligent, able and dedicated people who have the ability to see the "bigger picture" (about the country and the world) should join government (either as an employee or politician) and organizations like UN to bring more transparency in governance and help information more freely accessible to general people. That is true for India, USA and any other country in the world.
        That's why I am a great supporter of Obama's proposal to deregulate and free internet. Probably Internet is the best gift to mankind in last century.
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          Nov 8 2011: yeah Jayanta...i agree with your point that it is not a great time for entrepreneurs to do their business as they will not get money form market....and also agree about businessmen tendencies that they are loyal to money only....but we have people like Bill gates who ask to levy more tax on them while he is one the richest man in this world....and as an optimist, i can say there has to be some solution of this problem...and i should advise to all pessimistic persons that pessimism has never worked and optimism may work...Every night has a day