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save greece, italy and US

Greece is finish, Italy on row.US started Occupy wall street protest..This list is not limited to nyl these three countries but has crossed 100 mark...As an Indian citizen, I am quite fortunate that these protest has not touched our country but at the same time there are a lot of problems that has worsened indian situation...well I do not want to conentrate on India...my concern is, as everyone says, can entrepreneur avert this situation any more or resurrect, should say ail, these countries to regain there history???


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  • Nov 7 2011: Turn 50% of power in all realms over to women! Let every nation have one male and one female as co-presidents. Stop brainwashing children in the ideas and beliefs that have proven to be failures in creating a positive life for human beings.
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      Nov 7 2011: Dear Rhona, I am also feminist but unfortunately our country have not very good experience with the same solution as you suggested.....can you tell me how entrepreneurs avert this crisis situation in this world??
      • Nov 8 2011: Ankur, I do not know what you are referring to. Do you mean that your country (what country?) has one male and one female as co-presidents? Do you mean that your country has ceased brainwashing children in the ideas and beliefs that have been proven to fail at causing human happiness and well-being? Please clarify. I want to know what positive steps your country has taken to acknowledge the equality of men and women, to assure that women and men have equal power over decisions affecting its citizens and/or to stop brainwashing children in beliefs and ideas that have proven to fail to cause humans to thrive and enjoy life.
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          Nov 8 2011: My country India, has a lot of rules and regulations and National authorities, mostly governed by either feminist or female. Besides that we are seeing a social scenario change where girls are equally participating in everything..though it is limited to sub urban areas only...we had PM Indira Gandhi, currently We have President a female, Mrs Pratibha Patil, we have Pepsico CEO indira Noi, ICICI Bank which is the larget private bank in India Chanda Kochar and a lot others on govt as well as private sector side...so we have done and we are doing a lot to improve this situation in our country because we also believe in equal participation from females....and about brainwashing of children in the ideas...we have not even started to encourage them to think on their own...but scenario is changing in our country and soon we will have a lot of newly generated ideas from our country....

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