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Occupy A New Vocabulary:Learning to Speak in the Language of the 99%

In the many global conversations and blogs that are bubbling up like springs of living water we are discovering that our vocabuaryl implies and accepts this division between the 1% and the 99%.

For example we discovered that the word "jobs" perpetuates an old paradigm, the status quo of workers having no say in the means and methods of work; of having no stake in the value of the work product; of people competing for income doing tasks that have no meaning to them. In the new language of the 99% it is "work" not "jobs" we implies collaboration, satisfaction, mutuality.meaningfulness, in community, a stake in the value of what is produced..

We discovered that "sustaianble" is not a high enough standard , a high enough goal. " Sustainable" implies getting by, not upsetting the apple cart. "Thriveable" is the standard for the 99%..that implies a culture that values humanity and serves life, it implies growth and flourishing..

"Demands" implies an acceptance and continuation of control by the 1%,..but what would we call the opposite, enaged civic action" "collaborative democracy"?

When Buckminster Fuller went into his two years of silence before beginning his career he said he sought a new vocabulary..that the old vocabularly served to maintain the staus quo. I never understood that part of Buckie but I am beginning to now.

What are some words we use every day in habit that imply an acceptance and continuance of the staus quo..of the 1% controlling and directing?

What are some new vocabulary words that we should make our habit as we learn to think and act and speak as the 99%? That better express what it means to act and speak and think as the 99%?

Closing Statement from Lindsay Newland Bowker

"We now do crown you with the sacred emblem of the deer's antlers, the emblem of your Lordship. You shall now become a mentor of the people of the Five Nations. The thickness of your skin shall be seven spans -- which is to say that you shall be proof against anger, offensive actions and criticism. Your heart shall be filled with peace and good will and your mind filled with a yearning for the welfare of the people of the Confederacy. With endless patience you shall carry out your duty and your firmness shall be tempered with tenderness for your people. Neither anger nor fury shall find lodgement in your mind and all your words and actions shall be marked with calm deliberation. In all of your deliberations in the Confederate Council, in your efforts at law making, in all your official acts, self interest shall be cast into oblivion. Cast not over your shoulder behind you the warnings of the nephews and nieces should they chide you for any error or wrong you may do, but return to the way of the Great Law which is just and right. Look and listen for the welfare of the whole people and have always in view not only the present but also the coming generations, even those whose faces are yet beneath the surface of the ground -- the unborn of the future Nation."

Article 28 of the Constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy.


Built Right in.

This particular section is the "oath of office" for the Lords of the Counsel

As most of us no doubt now, that Consititution and its great success in governance of a large population in 5 distinct nations was a model for our Founding Father in the USA.. Reading it now I see they took the procedures alone from the Iroquois..they didn't understand that what made it work was the heart.." the innerstructure".
From "conviviocracy, "gyneocracy"they created "adrocracy", "corporatocracy" "kleptocrcay"

May the Great Spirit sweep us up and take us Home.

Special thanks to Jaime for sitting nder the tree with me.

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    Nov 7 2011: "Business As Usual" ( Buckie Fuller's Definition)

    "By "business as usual," I mean the kind of business that is bewitched by what Dr Chris Seeley calls, in The Fool and the Great Turning, "the three impossible fantasies": the fantasy of limitless growth; the fantasy that actions can be taken that don't have consequences; and the fantasy that human beings are separate from, and above, the natural world"(R. Buckminster Fuller)

    a much more empowering and fruitful way of framing what "business as usual means"..instead of just pointing with anger and frustration at Congress doing nothing, Corporations being greedy and getting away with it..this definition of "bsuiness as usual" points to solution and standards beyond the notion that the economy exists to serve humanity..not just to procure profit.

    Another Buckie that I love and that was used in the same Buckie talk is " Restorative Economy" which to Buckie means:

    "to permit all humans'individual enjoyment of all the Earth without anyone profiting at the expense of
    another and without any individuals interfering with others"

    Means the same thing as the #occupy "Thrivable Economy" ( see

    A much more powerful and transformative notion..a much higher standard than merely "sustainable"..includes the idea of not only not causing harm but actually contributing to the health and well being of humanity and of planet earth. Again it implies flourishing,stewardship of the common, caring for.. a different kind of harvesting

    .Here is more on why Buckie's put so much emphasis on building a new vocabulary as a framework for building new thought's+new+vocabulary&source=bl&ots=w7s0SgJGjz&sig=mQHU8cUDeEkbaVLhSSBBwPNmS5s&hl=en&ei=Qmq4Ts_KL4W42QXHlvDMDQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=2&ved=0CCgQ6AEwAQ#v=onepage&q&f=false
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    Nov 7 2011: In many ways we need to take back our vocabulary. To have such income inequality requires a ridiculous amount of propaganda. Why are "job creators" only found among the rich. The poor and middle class have needs that create jobs as well. Hell an earthquake can be described as a job creator, since there is plenty to do after one. Small business typically is used to describe a business with 500 or less employee, so in that context we have no way of describing a self employed person who maybe employ 1 or two people, or outsources a small portion of thier work. I think you hit on an important theme about using linguist to focus on the passive rather than the negative. (Occupying our food vs protesting Monsanto)
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      Nov 7 2011: Thank you Anthony..and welcome..nice to have you have your

      I am glad you resonate with the difference between "Job" ( which implies a reliance on the 1% to create sources of icome for us) and "work" which implies neighborhood, personal value in the work, self reliance, ingenuity and the possibility of creating work for others as well.

      Although our President or a high level person might occasionally refer to his/her work as " my Job" , "job" also implies a class distinction, I think. The 1% refer to their work as "positions" and that term itself is cold and is about power and says I am one of those who rule.

      "Work" is universal..a way we can all describe what we do to earn a living or what we do hat serves and nurtures others. .It implies something more .than putting in time and getting a certain amount in return..and it can apply as well as to work of value to others and the commuity for which payment is not received.including raisng chidren, managing a home, looking after an elderly relative

      .If You have, or think of, any words we use casually that also imply an acceptance of the 1% as in control of our lives, I hope you will bring them here.The few I have offered in opening the question are one's we all just sort of "stumbled on" in the course of conversation.My thanks again for your presence here and your thoughts..
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        Nov 8 2011: I'm reminded of a George Carlin bit , where he says poor people look for work, while the lower middle class need jobs. The upper middle class will find a career, while the rich seek investment opportunity. Every time I here a politician talk about how we need to focus on jobs it is pretty clear thanks to old George where they really want us. Not poor enough not to rebel, but not empowered ourselves. Lack of jobs is a problem, but so is the fact that many people need 2 jobs just to subsist. " Working poor" should go on the slanted lexicon list. If someone is a full time contributing member of an economic culture that is rich as ours, why would they be poor. When some of our largest corporate job creators, pay so low that you can get food stamps while being employed, there need to be a reevaluation.
  • Dec 3 2011: Hi Linda! i found the discussion! Taking enough time and respect to listen, listening with understanding and intent are skills and concerns that are often overlooked. speaking and listening are the yin and yang of communication. often we are concerned with what we want to put out, how important we are than giving time to the co respondent to listen and think on the development of the communication. the focus needs to shift to the process of communication rather than the words of the speaker - i refer to thomas jones above - words mean what we say they mean when we say them but we can swiftly change what we say they meant! words reflect intent, motivation which brings us right back to need and self-awareness. emotion and reaction. Conflict resolution, mindful communication, essential in the rapidly changing real and virtual communities of now.
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      Dec 3 2011: Hi Rachel..Thanks for stopping by.

      I agree with you completely hat the art of listening, fully present to the speaker, is the largest part of collaboration and good conversation. TED Conversations is about that..reviving the art of conversation, an art that requires mindnful listening, respect for what is said..and here, there can be along silence in between in which to consider and form a reply that is colaborative and which builds the conversation. .Would make a wonderful TED Conversation and you sound like a good person to host that. I would enjoy that very much.

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      Dec 3 2011: PART II..

      Again..thanks for stopping by.

      This conversation is about what you pointed to in your other reply to me this morning at the conversation on Language and Time.

      “If you are in a group of people who do not share a language and witness how the made up language develops, it'll grow with the project. if there’s no project, language doesn’t develop, people spin off on their own. with different internet communities building i think the conceptual understanding of each will form from new sharings of understandings and this phenomenon will be the one to watch!”

      Language evolves because the language commonly available isn't adequate to contain the ideas being developed or because the available words are "tainted" with over use to a point of confusing meaning.

      " Putting on the mind of the 99%", a movement concerned about income inequality, a movement concerned about the influence of and control of private corporations on our government and therefore on our lives.

      One of the first lights that went on for me "putting on the mind of the 99%" was that "democacracy"has never adressed itself to income inequality ( nor did our constitution have adequate safegurads against the tyranny of an unelected private interestswhich was foramlly "crowned" in Citizens United.

      So "democcracy" doesn't really describe or include what we week..putting on the mind of the 99%. See the collaboration here early on between me and Jaime Lubin which lead to the more apt word "conviviocacry"..meaning governance by and for the people that values and respects life, is truly inclusive in its politics and economic goals, includes steawrdship for the earth , stewardship for future peoples, future earth.
      There was no word available that contained all that meaning, that sunmary vision.

      In further discussion here at, we relaized we actially live in a "corporatocracy" or a "Kleptocracy"
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    Dec 2 2011: UBUNTU

    "Ubuntu: "I am what I am because of who we all are." (From a translation offered by Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee.)Archbishop Desmond Tutu offered a definition in a 1999 book:[3]A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, based from a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed.Tutu further explained Ubuntu in 2008:[4]One of the sayings in our country is Ubuntu – the essence of being human. Ubuntu speaks particularly about the fact that you can't exist as a human being in isolation. It speaks about our interconnectedness. You can't be human all by yourself, and when you have this quality – Ubuntu – you are known for your generosity. We think of ourselves far too frequently as just individuals, separated from one another, whereas you are connected and what you do affects the whole World. When you do well, it spreads out; it is for the whole of humanity" (Wikipedia)

    What was missing from "Democary 1 ( greece); democracy 2 ( U.S.) was a moral "innersctructure" of shared values sufficiently broad to provide a reference point for all of our economic and political activities. Perhaps the missing piece of our "innerstructure" is something similar in spirit to "ubuntu"If we had a valid operative "innerstructure" capitalism cold not have overtaken Democracy 2. transforming it into a coporatocarcy.

    Also, the more coherence we have on the "innerstructure" of our culture, our society, the less we need laws and regulations. We could view our snakes nest of laws oand regulations as expressing the absence of "innerstructure"..the absence of "ubuntu".

    inspired by Jitendra Darlings post at Occuoy Cafe this morning
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    Dec 2 2011: EDGE FUNDS

    "Imagine re~framing our configured stance of money from current Hedge Funds operating ruthlessly in milliseconds to birthing a 21st century where we dedicate dignified attention to an EDGE Fund preparing for sacred beings of tomorrow - the 22n century

    EDGE FUND is where global ethical citizenry take back their economic power (home earth) through a creative cooperative collaborative office of the future “For People Only” that returns dignity to autonomous privacy as a standard practice of learning and creative intelligence, and we generate proactive knowledge entrepreneurs in common, as ecologically restrained consumers, self independent ethical governors demonstrating dignity, legislators of shared human heart felt covenants, and a strong wise judiciary with very few rules and fully enforced for the community good of future values

    We are all related whether we like it or not, in peace and friendship

    Most Reverend Patric James Roberts
    Mushin Mato Wambli"

    Rev. Patric James Roberts is in retreat with the Lakota people. Above quote is extracted from a beuatiful powerfullu moving essay summarizing the a recent Occupy orgnanizational meeting.

    From Hedge Funds to Edge Funds

    From an economy that serves the 1% to an economy that serves all and in the future
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    Dec 1 2011: If the 99% is really 99% and if we still have a democracy (another highly dubious question) then after the next election we should have voted the 1% out and the 99% will rule. If not, it's all an illusion. Let's cut to the chase.
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      Dec 1 2011: I'm with you.!!!

      I'm not sure the rest of the 99% is there yet..I'm not sure the dots have been connected between the gripping and crippling circumstances so many are entangled in and exactly what is going on in Congress..who does that..what does that..what's going on that furthers that right now ( three terrifying bills being rammmed through, one SOPA the subject of another cobersation I am hoisting here at TED); who right now is trying to do heroic things to break that gordion Tammy Baldwin's resolution diasgreeing with the Presidents plan to exempt all banks from criminal liability in the mortgage scandal in exchnage for a paltry mostly bank managed settlement ( think I had ..or tied to have.. a TED Conversation on that too.

      The 99% as the 99% understand only that millioanires are getting all the breaks and they are falling further behind.

      I am not sure thatthis "peoples revolution" will substantially change the face of congress or check the supreme's court rentless march toward no government at all to extreme right wing conservatism.

      I am not optimistic.
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        Dec 1 2011: Lindsay,
        While I certainly understand and agree with what you said, if we still have one person one vote, then the 99% should be able to change things. If not, it's time for revolution, as our constitution and Bill of rights requires of us.
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          Dec 1 2011: We definitely can chnage everything soup to nuts..I am just not seeing that emanate..and I don't see Occupy helping us gets there.

          Are you getting a different impression? Do you feel the 99% are one by one translating their plight into political action?
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        Dec 1 2011: The preamble of the US constitution. Imagine that.....

        We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,[74] that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.
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          Dec 1 2011: beautiful language..eloquent

          but all of this has happened,is happening,with the "consent of the governed"

          .".we the people" elected these folk.who won't even vote on a jobs bill because they don't want the president to get any credit for improving things

          .".we the people "are standing by while these folk dish out more of the same.

          .I don't see "we the people" engaging to acively and knowingly not only consent to, but demand, some pretty radical and fundamental changes.

          "we the people have been spending 110% of our incomes for decades incurring home equity and other debt to buy toys, have vacations we can't afford, have clothes and housing we can't afford. guzzling down bottled water mindless to the social and economic implications of each purchase, buying goods and teconology manufactured under conditions of worker oppression.

          "We the people" have been eagerly feeding the tapeworm of the 1%

          ".We the people" don't really want change..we want to just continue feeding the tapeworm..
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          Dec 4 2011: Craig if in this space appears (again) the US constitution, equal right has others constitutions:
          mexican, argentinian, chilean cuban, portorican, colombian, etc etc.
          Conviviocracy has not boundaries or limits or frontiers.
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        Dec 4 2011: Dear Lindsay, if we want to achieve new words and new meanings, also we have to look for new contexts. The old and arthritic statement of "US governement" (whatever means that)... is today usless and short in vision , We have to reinvent and recreat the status of our own definitiona about prosperity and "conviviocracy". Of course the establisment dont let the prosperous advance of any of this ideas....if you northamericans dont change your vision in a wide mood to be included as a part of the world (not the world itself) then the results will be the same old ones. Remember that America is not only yours own property, and the world is not your own backyard.
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          Dec 4 2011: Jaime, my beloved friend,

          As this conversation comes to a close ( only 2 days left), I want to thank you for partnering with me in what, for me, has been a very fruitful exploration of the relationship between thinking and language; action and language; awareness and language.

          May our word "conviviocracy" come to be used and known because it is, everywhere where there are people who seek freedom may there be a constitution that includes, as ours and yours does not, the values of personal dignity for all living beings, of stewardship for one another, of stewardship for the earth; of stewardship for future peoples and creatures, future earth.

          May a time come when our word for our vision of what has been missing from mere democacrcy to date in the history of mankind be in such common use that no one will remember it was just made up by the two of us on a TED Conversation which tried to put on the mind and heart of the 99%., the heart and mind of all.

          Earth and her people may cry for a long time before that comes to pass if the earth and her people do not come out of their long hibernation and start reclaiming what we lost; buildings what we never had.

          Aqui, Ahora, hablamos de la communalidad.

          A Radiance of Blessings

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    Nov 29 2011: CORPORATOCRACY

    A great word to describe what has happened to us..capitalism has overtaken democracy to a point that democracy is almost a shell, or more aptly a "shill" for the plutonomy."Putting on the mind of the 99%" this word, "corporatocracy", opens a view to what the plutonomy is, and to how it affects our lives . As Bruce Levine lays out in his wonderful aricle, it also maps out the strategy for taking back our lives, our future and re envisioning our possibilities.

    .with courage

    with solidarity.

    Steps to Defeat the Corporatocracy (Bruce Levine Alternet MAY 20, 2011)

    "The only way to overcome the power of money is regain our courage and solidarity. Here's how to do that. Many Americans know that the United States is not a democracy but a "corporatocracy," in which we are ruled by a partnership of giant corporations, the extremely wealthy elite and corporate-collaborator government officials. However, the truth of such tyranny is not enough to set most of us free to take action. Too many of us have become pacified by corporatocracy-created institutions and cultureThe only way to overcome the power of money is with the power of courage and solidarity. When we regain our guts and solidarity, we can then more wisely select from - and implement - time-honored strategies and tactics that oppressed peoples have long used to defeat the elite. So, how do we regain our guts and solidarity?"

    The rest is worth a read ( see above link)
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    Nov 27 2011: "Definition of KLEPTOCRACY

    : government by those who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed; also: a particular government of this kind

    — klep·to·crat noun

    — klep·to·crat·ic adjective "(Merriam Webster Dictionary)

    Christopher Hedges used this very apt word, dating back to 1819, in his "teaching" at OWS.

    It is the perfect word to describe our present condition..our present relilty as the 99%. Capitalism has over taken, and perhaps, taken over, democacry.

    Kleptpocracy is the complete opposite of "conviviocracy"our word for a people's government that serves the whole, serves the earth, serves future generations.

    The consent of the governned is a sham in "kleptocracy"..

    What is the antidote? What takes down a "Kleptocracy"?
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    Nov 18 2011: I offer these words:

    "understanding" as a quest to replace the quest for truth
    "preference" as the basis of self-definition, perhaps replaicing opinion
    "I don't know" to replace "I believe," when it is critical to maintain an open mind.

    Second, I oppose the "99%" but could join a smaller group. I do not support another person's wants. For example, I do not support a city building a professional football stadium.

    I do not agree with Ury's version of Ury's concept, yet think is a related talk.

    Also, Pinker's talk on violence gives evidence that humankind is progressing.

    Thank you for suggesting Mulgan's talk, to which I turn.

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    Nov 15 2011: We have to back to basics in primery elements, (water, wind, earth and fire ) trough any form of technology. Technology is one of our most precious heritage. From stone age to cibernetics.
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      Nov 22 2011: Liv´ing`ness
      n.1.The state or quality of being alive; possession of energy or vigor; animation; quickening.Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by C. & G. Merriam Co.

      “Living means the possessing of life; being alive; an active function or use of elements or forms. The suffix "-ness" means a state, quality or condition of being. This is the state of being alive; a being who actively functions or is in active use of self."

      “The physical form of Be-ing is using all its connections, all of its aspects of wholeness for the highest good of all. The fundamental interconnected and interdependent network of all beings creates Systems of continuance that are eternal. Being, an animated intelligence that decides, preserves and pursues actions that create a positive supportive functioning system of connection for all is the process of this state of Livingness.”

      “Livingness is more than an urge to be. Inherent in it is the concept of an inner motivation toward the future”

      This is the back to basic "we" have to be.. a shift from "individualism" to "individulaity"..a shift from"me" to "we"

      and there is the eternal "I am."

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        Nov 22 2011: Lindsay one of the most precious things is to "be integrated" as a community ember (nor a simle part or fraction) so we can use the word "integrationist", integrator" as a new trend in community tasks.

        Other word could be from bionering...."communering integrator" as a primary definition for a new wisdom.
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          Dec 1 2011: Hablamos de la comunalidad

          I think you are pointing to something core here, Jaime, about our "me" "we" balance, about including an active continuing awareness of "we" even in our most private and inner moments; about a non-dual way of thinking and acting in very moment that includes not just our well being but the well being of everyone around us, everyone we encounter, how we think orf our place in community, in country, as co-navigators of spaceship earth.

          Collaboration is the highest form of thinking, acting and speaking. When we are collaborating we are inter existeing in crearive ways that build healthy thriveable communities, that drive health vibrant economies.j
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    Nov 15 2011: Lindsay ...I think to achieve Regenerative Economy" we have to set up a Regenerative Ecology....economy and ecology are the poles of the same axis. (I learn this from Bucky Synergetic courses.)). Also we have to reset our focus in economy not as an monetary economy but as a energy economy.
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    Regenerative economics provides goods and/or services that are required for, or contribute to, our well being.

    In standard economic theory, one can either “regenerate” one's capital assets or consume them to the point where the asset cannot produce a viable stream of goods and/or services.

    What sets regenerative economics apart from standard economic theory is that it takes into account ,and gives hard economic value to, the principal or original capital assets — the earth and the sun." (from the wikipedia definition of Regenerative Economy)

    Regenerative Economics, as we might want to define the concept when we put on the mind of the 99%, focuses on the earth and the goods and services it supplies. Regenerative economics is completely comfortable within the capitalist economic framework.(in the sense that it can use the existing system of private enterprise and profit to achieve and realize a regenertaive that serves life, serves humanity, serves the and in the future.

    )It recognizines earth as the original capital asset and places the true value on the human support system inherent in natural resources and natural energy..especially the sun, the wind, the tides,It is only through the tenative and ineffectual farmework of law and regulation intended to keep capitalism within bounds that serve life, serve the planet that there has been any correlation between GDP and well being

    .In a truly regenerative economy these would be givens..not imposutions

    .What we have now as GDP is economic growh and propserity for the few while conditions and opportunities for the 99% diminish, offer less security, less thrivability, less comfort, less hope.

    "Regenerative Economy" is a term coined by Buckie and reinterepreted /co-opted by is a good we can redefine to describe our visions of a new economy.
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    Nov 10 2011: Extraordinary new word that describes the whole and the holistics.....another word: Interwhole, and interself....

    another could be: admaxistration opposites to administration.
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    Nov 9 2011: Lindsay If you have not read this already you may find it intersting
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      Nov 9 2011: Anthiny,

      Thank you so much!!! I hadnt seen it and recommend it to any one else who missed it. :akoff is a wise man and a compelling writer..not hi-toned rehtoris..just a simple clarity.

      And this piece ( replying to OWS request to him for guidance on "framing", i.e. positioning themselves,,has great wisdom for how we all can "put on th emind and heart of the 99%, of the 100%. We can be positive, both in ur visions and our seeing of what is broken. We can look at everything that has caused this ruin we are all standing in through a lens of morality.

      And that way of looking and speaking does require us, I think, to look to a new language to frame our new ideas.

      Thanks again, Anthony, for bringing us this wonderful, thoughtful and wise article. ( neat isn't it that it was in the Huffington cool is that..taht's some kind of really great news all by itself..main stream media carrying what once woud have been an essay in Atlantic monthly or in a much more abbreviated form an op ed piece for the times..this is carried as it!!!)).
  • Comment deleted

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    Nov 9 2011: Hi Lindsay, I just found this and while it is not exactly on topic, I wondered if it might be of interest to you.

    I will happily remove it if it is too off topic. Just let me know.
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      Nov 9 2011: I partly agree that it is not a movement yet. Public discourse has been filtered and narrowed for so long and most movements of the last few decades have been led in a hierarchical fashion so this in contrast seems slow and unfocused. That said I think there is great potential here not just to create a movement but also start questioning some of the structural problems inherent not only in capitalism, but also brought about by modern life. Below is a link to and interesting musing on this which counters your article a bit. Enjoy.
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        Nov 9 2011: YES! Anthony, thank you for giving me this article. I posted the one above because I was a bit demoralized when I read this from a prof I admire. He routinely takes strong stances against what is happening with the American government as it pertains to Palestine and I was so saddened and wondered if I might have a perspective that was inaccurate.
        Your article helps me reframe what I have been feeling! The people, no matter how credentialled who say that it is not a movement- JUST DON"T GET I|T!
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      Nov 9 2011: Hi Debra,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      The article you link to makes a valid point..that demonstrationss and peaceful sit ins alone don't lead to change ..but you and I have made reference together on several ocasions to why people vote in away that is not in their self interest.

      The #occupy movement by just by being and staying and saying only "we are the 99%" ..awakens people to that reality.

      I don't think the civil rights bus iders and marchers of the 60's, or the ban the bomd marchers wolrd wide were issuing press releases, writing osition/issue papers, runniningg cadidates for office etc. etc.//They were getting a simple orienting message out which ignited in others an awareness of what was broken and a commitment to fix it.

      I have traveled unexpected groun din my own awareness thinking through what it means to say "I am the 99%", "we are the 99%" and have made some stratling discoveries that have just sailed right past me all my life..ege the fundamental observation that democracy, our famous and much touted consitution never addressed itself to income disparity, didn't seek to eliminate it or reduce it.and through the lend of that starttling realization much else becomes clear or looks different.( see my exchange with Jaime on "conviviocracy")

      The invitation to the TED Conversation community in this conversation is to join in that exploration for what it means to be in the 99%, what it means to envision a politics and economy of the 99%.

      Hope you will join as well.. we have been together in many converations here at TED, including all of our direct democracy, electronic democracy discussions, our many discussions on global values. Looking at what we thought and said then through this lens of "we are the 99%" is enlightening.

      e.g if web access is a universal human right, why don't we have a commitment to a lap top for every person?
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        Nov 9 2011: Hi Lindsay, I have so much enjoyed the work you are doing here on TED and admire your contributions almost always finding myself in agreement with you. Please read my response to Anthony above. I am refocused and ready to contribute again even though I am dealing with some serious health challenges. Thanks for the invitation. I will contribute in the near future.
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          Nov 9 2011: Dear Debra,Thank you for your very kind remarks....and your encouragement.

          At TED I often feel like the mad prophet crying in the wilderness..what is on my mind is often the last thing on most evryone else's mind.

          . It is not so much that I work here at TED as I have come to value the collaborative collective deliberation that we are learning to have here at TED so I bring questions and obersvations I am wrestling with here to hear what others in the community have to see.whether my questions within me..are also questions others are asking. I am always amazed when that is the case or just when others are willing to consider the question..visit it in company. A wonderful process. A valuable one

          .I am so sorry to hear about your health challenges..Had noticed your absence. Great that you will be re engaging and hope you will do so here. Very interesting to revisit the ground we have traveled together here at TED on democracy and global human rights etc. wearing the mind of the 99%.Meanwhile..seedy and complete recovery to you. I am still enjoying a remission ( almost three months now) and am vigilant to use every moment to the fullest of my imagining, the fullest of my abilityA radiance of Blessings

          I did enjoy your response to Anthony.I have found this task of "putting on the mind and heart of the 99% a very fruitful and edifying experience. Just the process of thinking from that framework opens so much that was all the time but which we didn't see or acknowledge. Look forward to having your furtherinput on this..your expereince and fresh seeing wearing the mind of the 99%.
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          Nov 10 2011: Dear Debra please ...aliviate....warm hug....
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    Nov 9 2011: Buckie invented several phrases to hold and convey his ideas about a technology informed by science , serving humanity, energy efficient, lightweight.

    .Over all it was under the umbrella:"Comprehensive Anticipatory Design Science"

    Fuller defined himself as a “comprehensive anticipatory design scientist”. He championed broad thinking instead of specialization; advocated for anticipatory, forward-looking exploration in order to plan for the future; and believed that together design and science could uncover how to benefit the greatest number of people while expending the fewest resources" ( )

    A key concept in all of Fuller's designs and inventions was a mindfulness of the future ,of future generations, of those who would inherit and operate "spaceship earth".

    The first term he used to describe this new functional, efficient mankind serving technology and design was:"4D"

    "4D stands for the fourth dimension, time. Fuller adopted this moniker for what his work aspired to in 1928 for his earliest experiments with mass produced housing to underscore his emphasis on efficiency, both in his proposed use of lightweight building materials and the effective organization of habitable space."

    These terms seem relevant at this moment in time, 84 years later, to recall and redirect our approach to technology and design for the 100&..i.e. in service to humanity.

    The terms themselves set universal standards for design and technology; embody a value to guide production, to guide what we invest in as a culture, as the crew on "space sip earth" Do we have modern term sof art for deisgn and technology that point to incorprate these values?
    • thumb
      Nov 9 2011: Bucky also developed his own geometry......Synergetics.

      From a conceptual world, the words , new words flow.

      The term could be a Bucky concept......OUTLAW DESIGN
      (includes sun, wind, earth, fire, water design....Ecological Design.
      • thumb
        Nov 9 2011: Yes synergetic, synergy..Bucky invented that word which is now in common useage ( wish his principles of connecting design and technology to humanity has caught on t the same extent!!!!)

        yes from new ways of thinking about the world, about our visions, new words grow..old words don't work or are limiting.

        Not following "OUTLAW Design"..could you catch me up on your thinking aout that?

        A great orienting example..the U.N. has declared that access to the internet is a funafmental human right"..all agree ( or I haven't hear much dissent". We have had an entire decade driven by disposable design and technology in computers . ipads, blackberries, norebooks...Why is there no "lap top for evry man"..why have we chose growth per se as a value, profit per se as the driver, new per se as the need. Why is there no "lap top for evry person" why havent we invested in that? And what does that say about us if we truly believe that "access to the internet is a universal human right"

        That gap is always was there in the civil rights movement and its final triumph. Same schools, smae restaurants, same discimination in employment..all things that weren't there but the equality, the true not seeing or acting on differences in race are still plodding along four decades later.
        The common value, the common commitment have to be in there from the beginning.


        "OUTLAW DESIGN"?

        can you explain a bit more what you are pointing to?
        • thumb
          Nov 9 2011: Maybe is so scary the term "outlaw" but is not against the "law" is against the establishment in design...Bucky himself develop an strategy to be an outlaw designer when he created Dimaxion house and Dimaxion car...outlaw means dont follow the stupid market rules ans uses. The outlaw designer has nothing to do with fashion trends or luxury items. The outlaw designer dare to create the extremly design to achieve the colective dream...and nobody has the right to stop that. Just an example ...Jaime Lerner, mayor of Curitiba in Brasil is an outlaw designer who fights against the establishment monster in Brasil,,,and win.....

          another outlaw designes is John Tood in the New Alchemy Center, another example is 44 yers in design I never follow the guidance of market and today I do what I know and feel for my city...remember that I design fot the city of Guadalajara....but I dont follow or obbey the rules from money, market, politicians or society...the outlaw designer also was Victor Papanek and all the group from good old days in San Francisco when we invented among with Sim Van der Ryn the Ecological Design. Outlaw design is not to be "institutional".
        • thumb
          Nov 10 2011: "I made up my mind as a Rule of Communication that I wouldn't care if was not understood--so long as I was not misunderstood." Bucky

          "If you still use the terms up and down, your'e still thinking in terms from the dark ages. "There is no "up" or "down", only "in" or "out". Bucky
      • thumb
        Nov 9 2011: Jaime,

        Ah Hah! I get it now.

        "OUTLAW" as in "OUT OF THE BOX"

        Also implies, as you further derscribe it, continulally emergent, organic, flowing, continuous learning, continuos feedback from end users leading to improvemets at each iteration..each unit of production.

        "OUTLAW", as a choice to describe all those essentia things,though doesn't connote thedards of "moral and "postive" that Lakoff referenced in the article Anthony posted below ( from the Hufington post"

        "OUTLAW" to me implies reactive, rejecting, refusing; angry, maybe eve arogant...?

        Is there a better word that infers roalty and is positive that icludes all those psitive, generativ, flowing, dyanamic qualities you are referring to?

        Buckie abandoned "4d"..because that didn't include or imply all that he was trying to convey and embody in his 4d designs

        .I think "dymaxion" was the eventual successor..because ti included "dyananic" and it included maximum..his work was about maximym efficiciency, maximum capture of endlessly renewable energy, maximum value, maximum stewardship for humanity and the globe.Is dymaxion still maybe the right standard for techology & design? Is it outdated? What can we suggest?

        .(PS I'll have to track down Victor Papnek..didn't run into his work in my planning days..does he have something to say that is relevant and timely now that yu could share with us?)
        • thumb
          Nov 10 2011: the "dimaxion" concept, the shape is so important but Bucky knows very well the improvement of conjunction betwen material, new materials, design, engineering and pourpouses. He left us a great heritage in critical thinking. Dymaxion lives as a concept nor a specific shape. With Papanek I worked in some seminars and workshops an he teaches us that we could't buy things to impressive to somebody doesnt matter. In their seminal work I study with him in the Schumacher College in Devon ..."Survival by design",.. the course and the amazing discovery of the real sense of design, human design.
        • thumb
          Nov 10 2011: Lindsay yes, yes , yes.......
        • thumb
          Nov 10 2011: Lindsay did you remember "Obnoxico".
        • thumb
          Nov 10 2011: Dear Lindsay ..This song maybe tells you a lot from the times when "back to basics" begun to change the world....for me is a symbol for real transformation....

      • thumb
        Nov 10 2011: Jaime, my beloved, wise and wonderful friend,

        Here is a nicel piece on your friend Viktor:

        How lucky you were to work with him and know him..can't beleive I missed the chance to know someone so wonderful in my own time!!!

        Sounds like his ideas were very much in synch wit Bucky's but from the quotes in this arricle it seems he spoke more clearly than Bucky..was more accessible in his written and spoken word

        Here is an excerpt for Wikipedia on him:

        He worked with a design team that prototyped an educational television set that could be utilized in the developing countries of Africa and produced in Japan for $9.00 per set (cost in 1970 dollars). His designed products also included a remarkable transistor radio, made from ordinary metal food cans and powered by a burning candle, that was designed to actually be produced cheaply in developing countries. His design skills also took him into projects like an innovative method for dispersing seeds and fertilizer for reforestation in difficult-to-access land, as well as working with a design team on a human-powered vehicle capable of conveying a half-ton load, and another team to design a very early three-wheeled, wide-tired all-terrain vehicle."

        He sounds so wonderful.

        I am putting his book on my list.

        Do you have acopy handy? Did he use any new words for design and technology that conveyed what he was trying to do..what we are looking for a word for?.
      • thumb
        Nov 10 2011: "OBNOXICO"

        Advice to designers:

        "You have to decide whether you want to make money or make sense, because the two are mutually exclusive."

        Obnoxico was an imaginary money-making enterprise invented by Fuller in the 1940s as a joke among friends. The profits for the Obnoxico gold-plated diaper memento were predicted to run into millions of dollars per annum. After a few years, friends sent him Obnoxico items actually on the market, like plastic pebbles for garden paths, etc.

        "Somehow or other the theoretical Obnoxico concept has now 25 years later become a burgeoning reality... As the banking system pleads for more savings-account deposits (so that they can loan your money out to others at interest plus costs) the Obnoxico industry bleeds off an ever greater percentage of all the perennial savings as they are sentimentally or jokingly spent for acrylic toilet seats with dollar bills cast in the transparent plastic material, two teddy bears hugging an alligator, etc." (Critical Path, p.226)

        This may be seen as essentially typical of the general pattern of production:

        "Exploited for power and profit, the destination of most of the goods made by the machine was either the rubbish heap or the battlefield. If the landlords and other monopolists enjoyed an unearned increment from the massing of population and the collective efficiency of the machine, the net result for society at large might be characterized as the unearned excrement". (Mumford, 1933, p.196)

        OK. Jaime, you win the kuppee doll..we now have the word to describe what is wrong with the staus quo


        How perfect.
        How true

        Jaime, you are a treasure!!!.

        Thnak you so much!!!
        • thumb
          Nov 10 2011: Lindsay , as you know theres a lot of obnoxicous people....

          I have almost all Papanek books....he design new world for design...he design intelligent objects and devices for nomadic furniture...the "nomadic" concept that he developed was a whole practice and really the seed for my early years in design...and as you is decide....the integrity between word and world....NOMADIC....

          and Mumford ....a great guide in technology history.....for me one of the most significant mentors......Luigi and I talked a lot about Mumford.....

          thanks a lot for your words....i've seen a shiny moon with a star besides......

          Also you have to see William Irwing Thompson...........
      • thumb
        Nov 10 2011: "Wholistica"

        How's that for the opposite of "Obnoxico" for the economy we seek?

        ( a nomination from colleague David Eggleston at Occupy Cafe)
      • thumb
        Nov 10 2011: Not sure this will land in the right place jaime..I think that bright star accompaying the shiny moon might be the planet jupiter?
        • thumb
          Nov 10 2011: Yes, is the planet Jupiter. Right....
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    Nov 8 2011: He is the current governor, too Jaime. I tried to google that word..nothing came up. Any links that explain it or use it in context? What doesit means to you? Wht is it better than democracy? I found this from Ivan Illichs "Tools For Cinviviality""Illich had first set out what he saw as the need for simpler, more balanced goals in Tools for Conviviality (1973). Contrary to those environmentalists who wished to claim him for themselves, Illich was rational and sober in his assessment:"Honesty requires that we each recognize the need to limit procreation, consumption and waste, but equally we must radically reduce our expectations that machines will do our work for us or that therapists can make us learned or healthy. The only solution to the environmental crisis is the shared insight of people that they would be happier if they could work together and care for each other. Such an inversion of the current world view requires intellectual courage, for it exposes us to the unenlightened yet painful criticism of being not only anti-people and against economic progress, but equally against liberal education and scientific and technological advance. We must face the fact that the imbalance between man and the environment is just one of several mutually reinforcing stresses, each distorting the balance of life in a different dimension. In this view, overpopulation is the result of a distortion in the balance of learning, dependence on affluence is the result of a radical monopoly of institutional over personal values, and faulty technology is inexorably consequent upon a transformation of means into ends."

    How about the word "conviviocracy"?

    These ideas are what Jerrt Brown was modeling and pointing to in his first term as governor, And they are cocnsistent with Buckie's values and principles..These are thriveale values...ones that begin in personhood, humanity, compassion, neighborhod, 4D technology as Buckie used to that considers its own consequences .
  • thumb
    Nov 8 2011: Lindsay do you remember Jerry Brown in California?...he was a governor who talked a lot about convivenciality.
    • thumb
      Nov 18 2011: jaime,

      Thought you would enjoy this offering by Aerin Dunford ( berkana Insitute) at Occupy Cafe

      Her clarification of "convivir" is lovely. I think you pointed us to the right word for our vision of what is possible beyond mere democracy.."conviviocracy

      "Reply by Aerin Dunford 23 hours ago

      "Hi Lindsay,Thank you so much for these thoughts. I love your new word, conviviocracy. Convivir is a term that we use a lot here in Oaxaca. There isn't much of a direct translation to English unfortunately. It would seem that it might mean "live together" or simply "co-exist" but really it is much more than that. It means to share something (a meal, a physical space, an emotion, a significant conversation) with a sense of harmony with each and every person and with an eye to the whole of the system, as well."

      In Conviviocracy we don't meely co-exist

      we "Inter-Exist"

      what do you think?. ...
      • thumb
        Nov 18 2011: Lindsay tihis is a real gift to all of us that believe in the humanism.....of course conviviocracy is a new word that has to be cultivated to reach the blossom of their deep significance. Is a symbol in itself. In linguistic and semiotic terms the english lenguaje has a lot of roots from the indoeuropean seed but some words or expresions (to be) has to reborn in significance. In spanish we have ser, estar y existir.
        Conviviocracy is good term but "cracy" comes from cratos (power in greek) and authority comes from augeos (help to achieve a job well done)....also could be conviviorithy....more acuratted term in community sense. Both words could help. And all my enthusiasm to you and the berkana institute, and Aerin Dunford efforts.
        • thumb
          Nov 18 2011: Hi Jaime,

          How interesting.

          .I didn't know "cracy" implies power (with demos..power of the people)
          and i didn't know authority came from the word augeos which implies collaboration and mutual encouragement
          You are right

          "conviviority" would be a better word for what we envision beyond democrcay

          conviviority= democracy + stewardship for one another,+ stewardship for the earth+ stewardship for future generations and future earth.
  • thumb
    Nov 8 2011: Yes we need to renew our language capabilityes to UNDER- put ourselves under the real meaning .....and understand.
  • thumb
    Nov 8 2011: Lindsay for example the word "democracy".....a greek heritahe in word but not in practice. Why we dont transform democracy in convivenciality?.....Bucky is right with the metaphysical in natue ...and in purpouse....and in the "tribal" communities in Oaxaca where your friend works, we can live in convivenciality, not in not just the word itself, but the meaning of the word, and the use of that....I also lived one year among the purepechan community in Michoacan and its the very same principle....convivenciality....democracy is so theoretical word.

    The 1% and the 99% have to be equilized or in equilibrium. We in the "modern" cities suffer that disparity. So we have to pursue more years the unachievable goal of a 100% democracy?....why we dont change or transform our concept?
    • thumb
      Nov 8 2011: "convivenciality" living together in wholeness? what definition would you offer and could you say more on whu "democrcay" even direct democracy does not work for the 100%.

      At NY Occupy they are using a sort of tribal approach to decision making..a simple show of hands.anyone can block anything and that is seldom excercised.. Many other aspects of how the new york group have organized and managed their sit in is very imprssive in its inclusiveness and humanity. Each and every person matters there. Homeless people and yuppies side by side in community.
  • thumb
    Nov 8 2011: Really I appreciated when you evoques Bucky. I was some time, so many years ago in a few lectures that he gave to the Point Foundation and the Whole Earth Magazine (I'm maniacal supporter for the print magazine).....really I learn a lot from Bucky and all his team: J. Baldwin et al.........
    • thumb
      Nov 8 2011: Amazing that so much Buckie did and said and was about is so relevant now..he'd be tickled, I think.

      He was a big influence on me as a young planner ( in the early 70's) and strangely his summer place is an island I can paddle to in my fact several friends rent his house for a retreat every year. He was dearly beloved by all here..fisherman and elite alike witnessing that he lived his life for the 100%.

      The language he sought was exactly about living and governing ourselves as the 100%
      • thumb
        Nov 8 2011: Lindsay the word for that is autarchy. The power and dominium of myself....

        Democracy never works from the invention in Greece.....the history could prove that democracy was no more than a concept to rule without bothering in divine bussines....democracy is going steps down in the scale of autarchy.

        Convivnciality is exactly what you describe....fisherman and togheter in wholennes.

        To extend the definition we have to go to the middle ages when a monk called ...Hugo de San Victor wrote about friendshipin the sense of being together without asking nothing.....amistad, amicizia, means exactly been togheter without ask...A- MISCERE....I have to see the roots in english....
        well the convivenciality is full of interfriendship.
        • thumb
          Nov 8 2011: You are on to something important here Jaime.

          .something true..

          something profound and fundamental


          What does it mean to declare something as a universal human right or a right under the consitution if it is not also founded on deeper common values? Greece's experiment in democracy, the first democracy, actually broke down into a kind of mob rule mentality..they were hungry for conquests and more wealth and they took on a war they couldn't win that drained the coffers cost the lives of a signifcant portion of men. It brought about a downfall and the end of democracy.the end of Greek wealth and domination.

          Also important to note that Greece never dealt with income inequality which is what gave rise to the rebellion and pillaging out which democracy was born

          .It gave everyone equal voice but it didn't funadmentally change the income inequlaity that gave rise to the riots.

          You are right,Jaime, something fundamental and vital is missing from what we have held up and valued as "democracy".

          .it is not


          it doesn't hold any values about stewardship..for the present, for all, for the future.
          .it doesn't hold any values about quality of life for all members of the society;
          while it emphasizes individual librerty and individual freedom it doesn't emphasize individual responsibiity, individual values.
          It isn't whole,
          it doesn't foster thrivable, regenerative econonomies,
          it doesn't harness technology and design to stewardship or human values via common commitment

          is whole.
          It includes all these values..all these wisdoms, missing in traditional notions of "democracy"

          We need some fundamental universal human values..thriveable regenerative values, as the universal moral foundation for our universal human rights.
        • thumb
          Nov 8 2011: "communalidad"

          This is what the young woman I mentioned earlier, Aerin Dunford, calls it. Aerin works at the Berkana Insititute in Oaxaca and you would enjoy her article "Hablamos De La Communalidad"

          Here are a few excerpts:

          "Comunalidad describes a way of living that’s been around for centuries. Indigenous movements here are not constructing the new; they are naming, describing and identifying a living, palpable, vibrant way of being that already exists. is there a way we can make the space and go slow enough to tap into the deepest root of comunalidad: human interdependence

          Thealmost universal attributes of these ancient indigenous communitiesshe points to are are:

          "• Communal authority via the asamblea (assembly) and the cargo system
          • Communal territory
          • Communal enjoyment via traditional fiestas (celebrations)
          • Communal work via the tequio (volunteer duties done on behalf of the community"

          A few years ago here was a BBC series(Mark & Ollie Living With The Tribes) that documented life culture and values in extremely remote tribes untouched by other cultures for milennia. I was struck by the common human vaues that were hallmarks of each of these cultures

          (1) housing was built communally and provided to every member

          (2) food was communally grown and eaten in community..taking more than your share of food or not sharing in the wokr were serious crimes.

          (3) the entire tribe discussed and decided every situation that arose as "trouble"inside or outside the tribe

          (4) there were core moral values( prohibitions against incest adultery, murder, theft)

          Obviously in a modern "conviviocracy" or "Communalidad" we are not advocating weal go ife a life of sustenance in the wilderness in small tribes. But as Aerin wisely points out in her essay..tese ancient ways to seem to point to some common universal foundations and values with which we have become disconnected.
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    Nov 8 2011: Lindsay . extraordinary theme. Maybe we need to rediscover our old vocabulary...theres a lot of words that we used today without knowing the real root and significance. In our cybernets , in the packages, in the home appliances, everywhere the lenguage is evolving and transforming ourselves. Really I'm feel comfortable with this kind of intelligent conversations, thank you so much. Consider my enthusiastic participation, (in despite of my english syntaxis).........(sometimes i'll mix the latin with the nahuatl and occitan)

    Do you remember the perssonage called "Salvatore" in the Umberto Eco novel "the name of the rose" ?......he talks in a lingua franca that was used in medieval times....most of my participations sara in lingua franca para che the understanding sea possible........the words are moneta....this new Babel tower are beautie bella per la parlanza de todos.......
    • thumb
      Nov 8 2011: Hi Jaime

      Thanks for stopping by.

      What ancient words should we be "reccupying"..dusting off an putting bavk into service to facilitate our thinking, speaking and living as the 99%?

      Buckie ( Fuller) always said the challenge is metaphysical in nature..and in purpose. Was your comment also pointing to that? What are some of those words.

      We have always had the 1% in power and the 99% in control determining and limiting the possibilities of the 99%..we have not so far on this earth (except perhaps in tribal cultures) had a true democracy for the 100%. nore expacted a high level of income equlaity or narrower bounds of income disparity. We have a wonderful young woman at our occupycafe community ( who is working in Oaxaca and advocating .that the way forward has been laid by the tribal ancients. Is that what you are suggesting?

      Don't we need new language for that..a new scaffold on which our new thinking can grow and bring baout our new acting?
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    Nov 7 2011: Words on Words

    These are all from my quote file:

    The most important things to say are the hardest things to say, because words diminish them. – Stephen King

    So when you are listening to somebody, completely, attentively, then you are listening not only to the words, but also to the feeling of what is being conveyed, to the whole of it, not part of it. – Jiddu Krishnamurti

    Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and in actions. – Harold S. Geneen

    Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all right out, just as they are, chaff and grain together. – Dinah Mulock Craik

    At first, my way with men was to hear their words, and give them credit for their conduct. Now my way is to hear their words, and look at their conduct. – Confucius

    The immediate influence of behaviour is always more effective than that of words. – Victor Frankl

    Words mean what we say they mean. What makes this interesting is that we regularly change what we say they mean. So, even if we "nailed" the semantics of belief to a tree today; tomorrow, the belief, the tree, and the nail would all mean something new. It is not the meaning of the word that is important; it is the meaning of the speaker. – Thomas Jones

    … the words we use really do matter … - Bill Clinton
    • thumb
      Nov 7 2011: Hello Thomas.

      .lovely to see you again and so nice to have you here.

      Thanks for this very rich list of word on words all very true and each a meditation.

      Yes, what we actually do is far more important than what we say. No question about that.

      What prompted me to post this question is several recent random encounters with words that are connected up with our actions and our thought processes and which do have cultural meaning.

      II have bumped into this in connection with "we the 99%" discussions where we have been focusing on how we come to think of ouselves as the 99% in positive inclusive transformational ways

      The encounters with new meanings or new views on ordinary words has been a by product but I know see in it a worthiness in its own right.
  • thumb
    Nov 7 2011: The new vocabulary also includes new meaning or emphasis for existig words

    ."Occupy Wall Street" when we all first heard the phrase seemed to connote "sit in", "take over", "demonstrate against"

    As it has been discussed and explored on all these global conversations bubbling up like living water from spirngs "OCCUPY"also and more importantly means:

    To make a long term commitment to
    to take on stewardship for
    to care for and look after

    So for examaple, "occupy the food supply" comes to have a positive meaning of eating organic and local, being mindful of world politics which affect food security and food quality globally ( rather than portesting monsanto, sepaking against genetically modified foods, speaking aginst chemical fertilizers and inseciticides.).. It implies an active commitment tto something positive that can be regenerative and transformational.

    What other words in common useage that come to the fore in discsuuions about the occupy movement need new meaning and new interpretation to re align us with new direction, new commitment? To take us above opinion to commitment and action?
    • thumb
      Nov 9 2011: Reading your posts is inspirational Lindsay.