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Could it be that this financial depression may have actually ENHANCED your life, in a personal or professional way? If yes, please share.

People are being forced to tap into their creativity, forgotten skills and intuition to find a way through this financial mess. New alliances, relationships and experiences are being manifest because we are walking in paths and directions we may not have considered before. I believe money can be made and soul-mates found because we are being forced to think outside the box to remain afloat. Difficult times yes, but truly exciting times too! Please check out March 2011 post (So You've been Made to feel like a Failure) www.thebestpossibleyou.com


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  • Nov 7 2011: Michael : Hi And Yes It Has .... !!! ... With Problems Comes OPPORTUNTIES.... !!! Just Keep An Opened MIND ....To Find Solutions To Problems .... O K ? .... Take Care ...

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